top Ten Palm Oil Producing Countries in the World

Top Ten Palm Oil Producing Countries in the World

Palm oil is one of the most used edible oils in the world its first cultivation and use was started around 5000 years ago and then Arab traders brought the oil palm to Egypt, it is widely used as cooking oil in western and central African countries and it is also used in soaps products.

Before Processing it is reddish in color then Pure palm oil is obtained by refining process which is then used as cooking oil, it is not only used as cooking oil but it is also used in the manufacture of soaps, washing powder and other products.

World is producing total of about 54 million tonnes of palm oil in 2015 its demand is increasing day by day according to a report of FAO the global demand for palm oil will double in 2020, and triple by 2050. Indonesia is leading country in producer of palm oil because its annual production is around 31 million tonnes if you want to know for other top producing countries then see the list below of top 10 palm oil producing countries in the world in 2015.

RankCountryProduction (Million Tonnes)
1. Indonesia 31.10
2. Malaysia 19.20
3. Thailand 2.18
4. Colombia 1.23
5. Nigeria 0.930
6. Papua New Guinea 0.670
7. Ecuador 0.565
8. Honduras 0.430
9. Cote Divoire 0.400
10. Brazil 0.350


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