Top Ten Iron Producing Countries in the World
Top Ten Iron Producing Countries in the World

Top Ten Iron Producing Countries in the World

Earth is full of various metals and elements iron is one of them it is a chemical element it has atomic number 26 and symbol Fe. Although it is not much expensive as compared to other elements found in earth like gold and diamond but it has its own importance and significance. It has very old history according to archeologists the earliest evidence of iron was found in the form of Beads made from meteoric iron in year 3500 BCE. Iron ore has different metallic colors in earliest stage like bright yellow, rusty-red, dark grey and deep purple etc and after melting and purifying process it change into one single color. Iron is also very important part in manufacturing of steel that’s why it has become very important element due to its cheapness and usage.

If we go deep we will found that China is the largest iron producing country in the world and here we will tell you about the other top 10 iron producing countries in the world.

RankCountryProduction (1000 Tonnes)
1. China 1,500,000
2. Australia 660,000
3. Brazil 320,000
4. India 150,000
5. Russia 105,000
6. Ukraine 82,000
7. South Africa 78,000
8. USA 58,000
9. Iran 45,000
10. Canada 41,000
Top Ten Iron Producing Countries in the World

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