Top Ten Biggest Police Forces in the World

Top Ten Biggest Police Forces in the World

Police force is very important department of every country the duty and responsibility of this department is to implement and maintain law inside the country. The world “Police” is derived from a Greek word “Polis” which means “city” in ancient times Greece used slaves as police force for several duties like protection, crowd control, making arrests and handling prisoners etc. No country can maintain peace without good and honest police force because it is the only department which deals with the problems of people according to rules and regulations. First police department was created in Paris by the government of King Louis XIV in 1667 but the earliest department which is still in operation was created in 1829 and it is Britain’s Metropolitan Police Service.

Here we will tell you about the biggest police forces of the world according to an estimate that China has the largest police force in the world. If you want to know about other top countries then see the list below of top 10 biggest police forces in the world in 2015.

RankCountryNo. of Policemen
1. China  1,683,748
2. India  1,585,939
3. USA  1,226,843
4. Russia  782,947
5. Indonesia  579,793
6. Brazil  478,461
7. Turkey  412,805
8. Mexico  393,417
9. Pakistan  354,143
10. Nigeria  350,572
Top Ten Biggest Police Forces in the World

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