Top Ten Diamond Producing Countries in the World

Top Ten Diamond Producing Countries in the World

Diamond is one of the most costly and beautiful stone in the world this valuable, precious and very rare stone is considered as symbol of love, royalty and richness in the world. It is found in the depth of earth where temperature and pressure is high, it become very expensive and beautiful after cutting, polishing and designing process. It is said that diamond was first discovered and mined in India during 4th century, in ancient India it is used as religious icon. It is usually which is extreme hard and sometimes it is used to cut the glass, the example of its hardness is that it can only be scratched by other diamond. It is estimated that 50% of diamond is originate from African countries where they are mined by kimberlite and lamproite volcanic pipes. According to a report world is producing total of 130,000,000 carats diamonds every year and Russia is top producer with its annual production of 15 million carats annually.

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For the sake of spreading general knowledge in people we have made a list of top 10 diamond producing countries in the world, so have a look:

South Africa
 Sierra Leone
RankCountryProduction (Million Carats)
1. Russia 15
2. Congo 14
3. Botswana 11
4. Canada 7
5. Angola 5
6. South Africa 4
7. Namibia 2
8. Australia 1
9. Lesotho 0.95
10. Sierra Leone 0.83
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