Nuclear weapon is the most deadly weapon in the history of technology it can damage a whole state in seconds every country in the world is trying to become nuclear power to save them from the danger of war. Nuclear weapon is enough to sweep out mankind from earth because its reactions continue after the blast so that’s why it has become a threat for the human race many international campaigns have started to end the threat of this lethal weapon power . If nuclear weapon has many drawbacks then it also has some benefits in terms of peace and sovereignty if a country is power then no one can dare to attack this country just its title is enough  for enemies to stop them from attack. Here we made a list of most powerful nuclear countries in the world the ranking depends on how many nuclear warheads a country have in total.




Rank Countries Total Warheads First Test Last Test
1. Russia 8500 1949 1990
2. United States 7700 1945 1992
3. France 300 1960 1996
4. China 250 1964 1996
5. United Kingdom 225 1952 1991
6. Pakistan 100-120 1998    –
7. India 90-110 1974 1998
8. Israel 80 NA NA
9. North Korea 10 2006 2013
10. Iran NA NA NA

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