Top 10 Countries With Most Refugees in the World
Top 10 Countries With Most Refugees in the World

Top 10 Countries With Most Refugees in the World

If you want to know about top ten countries with most refugees then you are at right place because after a hectic work we have made this list for u, so have a look on our article and the below list. A United Nations convention which deals with the status and problems of refugees “Geneva Convention on Refugees” according to this convention refugee is a person who migrated and seek asylum in another country. The main cause of their migration is that they have faced many problems in their country and very inappropriate behavior from government; main causes of migration of refugees are ongoing civil war, corrupt government, religious problems and lack of facilities in a country etc that’s why people have to move to other countries to secure future of their children. These people leave all their belongings in their homeland and stay in camps and small colonies in other countries, they have no such rights and facilities there but they have to adjust themselves because they have no proper nationality.

Every year many people from countries of Asia and Africa migrate to those peaceful and friendly countries which accepted most refugees in the world, according to a report of UN there are approximately 10,395,553 refugees living in different regions of world. Now we are going to tell you about top ten countries with most number of refugees in the world, so have a look below:

Rank Country No. of Refugees
1. Jordan 2,491,860
2. Pakistan 2,319,350
3. Turkey 1,637,740
4. Syria 1,258,260
5. Lebanon  1,175,580
6. Iran 998,120
7. kenya 652,290
8. Germany 574,530
9. Chad 367,750
10. China 302,830
Top 10 Countries With Most Refugees in the World

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