Which Country Has First Sunrise in the World

Which Country Has First Sunrise in the World

I often heard a question from people that which country has the first sunrise? Although it is very confusing question and not easy to find the answer of it but after a great research and after gathering information from different sources it is proved that New Zealand is the country which has first sunrise. Now another question rises in the readers mind that why it is New Zealand?  Because New Zealand is the easternmost part of the planet and New Zealand comes first in the map on the eastern side of the world so sunrise starts from here. The exact location of sunrise in the country New Zealand is East Cape Mount Hikurangi, Gisborne District in North Island because it is the eastern most place of New Zealand which takes first sunrise. Mount Hikurangi is the highest non volcanic mountain in New Zealand which has 1,752m height, it is 50 km southwest of East Cape Lighthouse and this peak is traditionally regarded as the first place in the world to catch the rays of the new day’s sun. Department of Conservation also admitted that this is the only place which takes first sunrise according to them the mountain is “recognized and accepted as the first point on the mainland to greet the morning sun”.

Now after this explanation there is no doubt that New Zealand is the country which has first sunrise in the world.

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