Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users
Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users

Top Ten YouTube Viewership Countries

Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughesb in Massachusetts United States its headquarters is in Menlo Park California. Current CEO of Facebook is  Mark Zuckerberg, its COO is  Sheryl Sandberg she is also in the list of top ten powerful women of the world, and there are around 10,085 employees are working for Facebook. Facebook is one of the most using social networking service in the world it has around 1.44 billion active users from all over the world and those which don’t have a facebook account are probably illiterate. Facebook is a very addictive social media site through Facebook we can share our feelings and views to anyone publically and we can chat with our friends from every corner of the world by just registering of Facebook.

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Modern world is full addict of Facebook and share their feeling, emotions, what they are doing and where they are right now. Facebook attract people by updating its new features and programs every month so its user are increasing day by day and now Facebook has become one of the top five rankings of Google. Now we will show you the list of top ten countries with most Facebook users in the world in 2015.

United States
United Kingdom
RankCountryNo. of Users
1. United States 990.1 million
2. India 78 million
3. Brazil 67.70 million
4. Indonesia 54 million
5. Mexico 48.30 million
6. United Kingdom 37.80 million
7. Turkey 34.50 million
8. Philippines 32.66 million
9. France 28.35 million
10. Germany 24.58 million
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