Top Ten Wine Producing Countries in the World

Top Ten Wine Producing Countries in the World

Wine is very popular alcoholic beverage especially in non Muslim countries because alcohol is not allowed in Islam but somehow some Islamic countries import wine for their international hotels and guest houses to hospitalize their international guests. It has thousands of years old history the earliest evidence of wine was found in China archeologist discovered 9000 years old wine jars in China, 8000 years old wine jars in Georgia, 7000 years old wine jars in Iran and 6100 years old winery in Armenia which is considered as the earliest winery in the world. Pure wine is made from fermented grapes but it is also made from other fruits like pomegranate, apple and elderberry, basically it is not a good drink it is very harmful for health especially it leads to cancer and lungs problems but anyhow its popularity is increasing day by day. There are many countries which are producing tonnes of wine every year but France is leader of all countries in production but if you want to know the other top wine producing countries then see the list below of top 10 wine producing countries in the world in 2015.

RankCountryProduction (1000 of hectoliters)
1. France 48,399
2. Italy 45,858
3. Spain 34,506
4. USA 20,620
5. Argentina 12,135
6. China 12,000
7. Australia 11,600
8. Chile 10,093
9. South Africa 9,788
10. Germany 9,180
Top Ten Wine Producing Countries in the World

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