Top Ten Tallest Buildings in the World 2015
Top Ten Tallest Buildings in the World 2015

Top Ten Tallest Buildings in the World 2015

We know that human nature is based on curiosity therefore human being is always curious and busy in inventing the wonders of world like which is the tallest building in the world? If you also have this question in your mind then this special article has all answers of your questions about tallest buildings in the world. World is full of amazing and stylish buildings some are very tall and some are little small but both types of buildings are such an art of Engineering with lots of hard work, passion and talent Engineers have created these masterpieces government has spend huge amount of money to complete these skyscrapers. Tallest buildings are real fame of a country so every country in the world is in this race to build taller buildings these are in height of thousands of meters; here we made a list of the tallest and amazing buildings in the world according to Forbes magazine 2015:

Burj Khalifa
Shanghai Tower
Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower
One World Trade Center
Taipei 101
Shanghai World Financial Center
International Commerce Centre
Petronas Towers
Zifeng Tower
Willis Tower
RankBuildingHeight (m)floorsbuilt yearcitycountry
1.Burj Khalifa828 m 1632010DubaiUAE
2.Shanghai Tower632 m1282015 ShanghaiChina
3.Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower601 m1202012 Mecca Saudi Arabia
4.One World Trade Center541.3 m1042014 New York City United States
5.Taipei 101509 m1012004 Taipei Taiwan
6.Shanghai World Financial Center492 m1012008 Shanghai China
7.International Commerce Centre484 m1182010 Hong Kong Hong Kong
8.Petronas Towers452 m881998  Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
9.Zifeng Tower450 m892010 Nanjing China
10.Willis Tower442 m1081974 Chicago United States
Top Ten Tallest Buildings in the World 2015

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