Top Ten Special Forces of the World
Top Ten Special Forces of the World

Top Ten Special Forces of the World

Special operation force was first made in world war 2 they were responsible for the special operations behind the enemy lines special operation is a form of warfare in which a small group of combatants use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit and run tactics, unconventional warfare, anti-terrorism and mobility to fight a larger and less mobile traditional army, in order to do so a special force is required. Now every country in the world has its own special force for quick actions and to counter any terrorist activity every country train elite forces within their military and all these Special Forces train their men to be the best of the best with extreme difficult training program. Here we list the top ten Special Forces of the world however it is the difficult task to rank a force but somehow we framed a list of top ten Special Forces in the world 2015.

1. SAS, United Kingdom

SAS stands for Special Air Service is the British special force and it is the best and dangerous special force in the world. SAS was founded in 1941 in World War 2 it is serving as role model for Special Forces around the world; responsibilities of this force are covert reconnaissance, counter terrorism, direct action and human intelligence gathering. It has three regiments that are 21 Regiment, 22 Regiment and 23 Regiment their motto is “Who Dares Wins” their notable engagements are Iraq war, World War, Afghan War, Operation Barras and Gulf war.

2. Navy SEALs, United States

The United States Navy SEAL s was founded in 1st January, 1962 it is one of the world most dangerous special operation forces its strength is about 17000 special operators. Their responsibilities are direct action, special reconnaissance, counter terrorism, foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue and personal recovery their motto is “The only easy day was yesterday” and “It pays to be a winner”. The Navy SEAL,s are trained to operate in all environments like sea, air and land historically the SEAL,s have always had “one foot in water” but the reality today is they do lethal direct actions equally well from air and land. Their famous engagements are Vietnam War, Afghanistan war and Iraq war. It is the best elite force in the world.

3. Delta Force, United States

Delta force is one of the most deadly Special Forces in the world it is also known as 1st Special Forces operational Detachment delta (Airborne) was created in November 19, 1977 because of the threats of terrorism. It is the most popular special force everybody knows about it is based on British 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) the founder of Delta force is Charlie Beckwith who was former SAS operator its Headquarter is in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and its size is highly classified. Its famous engagements are Afghanistan war, Iraq war, Persian Gulf War, Somalia war, Operation Eagle Claw.

4. Shayetet-13, Israel

Shayetet-13 belongs to Israel Naval branch and it is also one of the best Special Forces around the world it was formed in 1948 by Yohai Ben-Nun. The responsibilities of this force are Counter-terrorism, Sabotage, Maritime intelligence gathering, Maritime hostage rescue Boarding their famous engagements are War of Attrition, Operation Spring of Youth, Occupation of South Lebanon, Operation Moses, 2006 Lebanon War and Gaza War.

5. SSG, Pakistan

SSG is special service group of Pakistan Army it is also known as “Black Storks” this force was created in 23 March, 1956 it is one of the best and brave special force in the world as Russian President once said “if I had Pakistan’s Army and Russian weapons i could conquer the world”. This unit is quite similar to British SAS special force it is divided into 7 Battalions its actual strength is highly classified motto of this force is “Mann Janbazam” its headquarter is in Tarbela, Pakistan. Famous engagements of this special force are Operation Gibraltar, Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, Soviet war in Afghanistan, Siachen war, Indo-Pakistani War of 1999, War in North-West Pakistan, and War in Afghanistan.

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6. Spetsnaz, Russia

Spetsnaz are one of the toughest and best commandos in the world because of their hard training and painful punishments in the training this unit has many names for public like SOBR, Alpha, Vityaz. The meaning of Spetsnaz is “Special Purpose” no one can break operators of this unit in interrogation it is created in 1970. Their famous engagements are Soviet war in Afghanistan, The Beirut hostage crisis, Moscow theater hostage crisis, Beslan school siege and Anti terrorist operations prior to 2014 Sochi Olympics.

7. GSG 9, Germany

GSG-9 is a part of German Federal police founded in 1973 it is one of the dangerous units in the world it has about 250 operators. This unit was created after the Munich Massacre operators of this unit are trained to handle kidnapping, hostage taking,  extortion and terrorism issues.

8. EKO Cobra, Austria

EKO Cobra is another best special force of the world it is Austrian special force created in 1978 it is Domestic Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism force. The EKO Cobra is the only Counter-Terrorism unit in the world to end a hijacking while the plane was still in the air, operators of this unit made by hard physical and psychological training size of this unit is 450 operators.

9. GIGN, France

GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is French special operation force founded in 1973 it has 420 operators specialized in hostage rescue and counter terrorism situations. They claim to have freed over 600 people since they were formed in 1973 they are very trained to respond on that type of situations few counter terrorism forces in the world can compete with GIGN.

10. GIS, Italy

GIS is a counter terrorism tactical response force of Italy found in 1978 it was established due to terrorist threat. It has about 150 special operators very well known in the world for counter-terrorism operations and VIP, executive and dignitary protection security details they are taking part in these type of operation since the inception of GIS.

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