Top Ten SEO Agency Indonesia Right Now

You may have heard of SEO which stands for search engine optimization before. SEO agency has been a recent uprising trend for digital marketers and businesses out there. Whether it is local businesses or even huge companies, everyone needs a spotlight on the internet. SEO agency Indonesia will help you with boosting your website’s ranking.

That is when search engine optimization comes in to help websites reach a higher ranking. This can be done by hiring a professional SEO agency Indonesia to help you with your website. With the help of SEO experts, your websites will gain a higher quality and quantity traffic. These services could also potentially bring in new visitors all around the world.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all SEO agencies are trusted or effective. If you are looking for a SEO agency Indonesia, well you came to the right article. Our website will discuss the ten SEO agency that is based in Indonesia. These top notch SEO agencies will surely boost your websites ranking in no time. We have ranked some of the best agencies that the internet has to offer. Our rankings are based on how well these SEO agencies rank on the first page of Google search engine.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

SEO is a tool that is being utilized to increase traffic for a website. It uses all types of small details to boost a website’s ranking. Some of which are things like a website’s content, keywords, meta descriptions, and more. There are so much more in depth things that has to be learned about SEO. Some of the more specific things that are associated with SEO are things such as backlinks, optimization of contents and also keywords.

Why is SEO Important in Current Time Digital Marketing?

With a world that is always evolving, there are so many ways to sell products to customers. But in order to really survive in this competitive economy, you need tools like SEO. Sales are skyrocketing since the internet took over the world. As a result, sales has shifted to a more digital side compared to traditional ways of advertising such as TV and magazines.

Tips On Finding the Perfect SEO Agency

SEO agencies can provide you with the necessities that your website needs. But there are some thing to consider before you pick an agency. First thing to keep in mind is how much you are willing to spend on SEO services. There are some very cheap and affordable ones, mid range ones, and even high end ones. But not all services are worth the money right away. Even the most expensive services are not as effect as they say they are. So make sure you look at the agency’s profile and portfolio before paying for the services.

Top Ten SEO Agency Indonesia Right Now

1. Fastwork

First SEO agency on our list is Fastwork. Fastwork is a cheap and affordable solution if you are on a tight budget. Their service can get as cheap as around $3. The price range is different for different kinds of services that you need for your website.

This website itself offers a professional SEO service, but they use a freelance style based service. This means that the interaction would be between clients and vendors. The team from Fastwork provides a quick and affordable solution to all of your SEO needs. They offer free customer service, quick response as well as specifics to what you need.

2. Garuda Website

The next SEO agency is quite different from the previous one. Garuda uses professional teams to boost the ranking of the desired website. Besides SEO services, they also provide other services too. Some of which are web design and developing and also backlinks.

If you are looking for a long term solution, Garuda is the right choice. This is because they have a permanent team of SEO experts ready to manage a website for the whole month. The price is quite different from other services too. With higher quality service, Garuda offers its service at around $40 per month.

3. Seomedia

Seomedia is a SEO agency that offers a long term deal of up to 1 month. The minimal time span for this service is 6 months. Seomedia also offers the similar service just with a few other bonuses. Some of these bonuses are such as white hat link building, a page one guarantee and more. They also offer a report every single month.

The price per month for this service is around $250. And they require the clients to buy at least 6 months of service, hence making the price around $1500. If you are looking for a long term and high quality service, this might be the choice. But of course it comes with a hefty price tag that you can get elsewhere.

4. Datamaya Consulting

Another professional team of SEO agency experts comes from Datamaya. Datamaya offers a shorter range of services and a much less choices compared to other agencies. This SEO agency offers a guarantee that their service will boost your websites. The payment fee also depends on the results and package of the job that is done.

There is no website that can offer a 100% guarantee that your website will rank number one. But they will certainly boost it and increase the rankings of your website. The services they provide abide by Google’s rules hence providing a safe service for websites.

5. Onero Solutions

Onero puts a different type of approach to SEO. They mainly provides a high quality SEO service with other additional services. Some of which are such as web designs, corporate website designs, and also e-commerce websites. There is no specific price tag that Onero Solutions provide in their website. However, they also offer a free consulting beforehand to put a price on the services. This service is usually used by corporate companies who are in need of a high end web design.

6. Mastahseo

This SEO agency Indonesia sets their pricing at a higher bar and they do mention it from the very beginning. On the other hand, the pricing also reflects the quality of their work and services. Mastahseo offers 3 package deals with different services attached to them. The first service they offer are web auditing with a price tag of around $250. The two other services are SEO related which we would discuss further.

The services are divided into two, on-page SEO and also off-page. Depending on which one the client wants, the price range is also very different too. The price of on-page SEO starts from $450 while the off-page starts from around $900. They also offer a complete package with a price of $2800.

7. Toprank Indonesia

Toprank can be a considered a good choice that comes with a high quality and also mid range price tag. Unlike other services, toprank provides more options for its customers. The cheapest service they offer is around $250. While the top tiered service costs around $1500 per month.

Each of their services also has a minimum time span, which means customers have to purchase at least a certain number of months. Some has a minimum of 6 months while others have a minimum of 1 year. Within the services, they offer a lot more keywords compared to other services. Hence this is an agency to consider if you are looking for one.

8. Karinov

Another agency that offers premium service is Karinov. Karinov gives a special and unique offer if their services does not turn out the way it should. They are going to give 50% of the money back if after 3 months there are no results. Their SEO services only take 1 month to work. There is no specific price tag that is shown on the website. But you can get pricing after consulting and contacting the website itself.

9. Toffeedev

Reaching down the list, toffeedev is a SEO agency Indonesia that targets organic visitors. Their services will be very beneficial for businesses to attract new potential customers. They offer a on-page optimization as well as a flat management fee.

Toffeedev uses specific professional tools to make their services great. There are three processes that needs to be done to complete a purchase. The first is consultation, which is strictly done within customers and the team. The next two would be expert team and implementation. Toffeedev also does not put a specific price tag on their website. So consultation is needed to know the specific pricing.

10. Whello

Last but not least on our list today is Whello. Whello offers a simple service to all its customers. You can choose 4 different services that it offers. One of which is search engine optimization. Whello offers a well put out service for its clients. They use certain strategies as well as SEO techniques to help you reach number 1 in Google.

There are no specifics that are provided, and the price tag can be placed at mid-range. Whello also already had several clients that are well known to vouch for their services. Pricing ranges from around $300 to even $800 depending on their work hours.


Those are the top 10 SEO agencies in Indonesia. These ranking system are based on their rankings in Google search engine. There is a possibility that these websites might change overtime. So make sure you find the right SEO agency for you.

Top Ten SEO Agency Indonesia – SERP Google: JULY 1, 2020

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