Top Ten Safest Countries in the World
Top Ten Safest Countries in the World

Top Ten Safest Countries in the World

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is issuing Global Peace Index (GPI) each year since 2007 which is responsible to measure the peace rate of every nation in the world. Every person wants to live in safest country or to go on picnic to safest place where he can enjoy. The government of every country is making strict laws to stop crime rate, corruption and terrorism. Here we make list of top ten safest countries in world according to IEP in 2015.


Singapore is one of top ten safest countries in the world the reason behind is that there are hard punishments of crimes Whether it is a small traffic issue or a serious offense the punishment is hard. This country is very safe place due to its strong laws and excellent police force it doesn’t means that the Singapore is crime free country but the fact is crimes are far less as compare to other countries.


Canada is a beautiful country in North America it attracts thousands of tourists every year and it has record of the lowest violence. Prostitution crime is very popular in this country but somehow police succeed to maintain the crime at low level there are strict rules of violence in this country. Law and Order forces are struggling day and night to stop the crimes so that’s why it’s another safe country to stay or to travel.


Georgia is another safest place on our planet to live because people can enjoy their peaceful life and have safe walk alone during day and night in its capital. This country has lowest rate of crimes like theft, terrorism, murder and rape etc. This place is best for tourism where you can have pleasure to visit Black sea coastline, National parks and Caucasus mountain range.


Austria is a European country is another safest country in our list due to its peaceful life. This country contains mountain villages, baroque city architecture, and Imperial history. This country has much less violence record then other countries due to its strict laws but there are rare cases of theft and pickpockets there. This place is perfect for tourism and vacations. This place is heaven on earth.


Denmark is another European country on our list for safest country in world because there is no tolerance for violations to human rights and there is equality in gender which cannot be achieved by other countries. This country is perfect for tourism because people of this country are busy in raising their economy instead of involvement in violence.

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5. UAE

United Arab Emirates is located in Asia it is a Muslim country settled mainly along the Persian Gulf. This country is also known as Dubai taking fifth place in list of safest countries in the world. This country has very low crime rate due to its very very strict rules about all crimes this country has great conscious about international terrorism. Every year million of tourists visit this country because of its enormous shopping centers, beaches and specially Burj Khalifa tower. There is sheikh zayad grand mosque with room for approximately 41,000 worshipers.


This country is located in Europe and it is best place to start a peaceful life due this country has no threat for terrorism. Norway is a Scandinavian country comprising of mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. This place is very safe because it respects personal freedom and human rights in this country you can see that the police do not carry weapon with them which is proof of low crime rate in this country. This country is very beautiful and safest place for tourism and this country has excess of sea food, lumber, petroleum, minerals etc.


New Zealand is located in Oceania in southwestern Pacific Ocean containing 2 islands. According to some report the crime rate in this country has declined than the previous years. New Zealand has good political system and great foreign policies. This is one of the safest countries in the world and this country is like heaven on earth because of its mountains covered with lush green trees, blue water rivers and natural beauty.


Japan is the second safest country in our list due to its rare crime activities. This country has faced many natural disasters but anyhow it is considered as the safest place for tourism because of strict laws and discipline according to the law of Japan possession of firearms is prohibited. Japan is the tenth largest population in the world but crimes like homicides, terrorism are approximately zero in Japan.


Iceland is another European country it is top safest place on our list because according to GPI it has lowest crime rate. This is very beautiful country for tourism or for stay it has glaciers, hot spring and frosty climate one thing that made Iceland safest country in the world is that it has no standing Army which is proof that it has zero terrorism threat and it is safe to travel. Its glaciers are famous for ice climbing, hiking and snowballing. It is very beautiful place every one must visit this country in life.

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