Top Ten Religions in the World
Top Ten Religions in the World

Top Ten Religions in the World

There are many different kinds of religions in this world and all religions have millions of followers because every person belongs to some religion. In this article we will tell you about top ten those religions which have largest number of adherents, according to a report of Per Research Center Christianity is the biggest religion in the world with 2.4 billion followers. Christians pray in Church and they believe in Jesus Christ them believe that Jesus give his life for them so they worship him. Second world largest religion is Islam with its 1.7 billion adherents Muslims believe in one God and his last prophet Muhammad (SAWW) they pray in mosques and they are highly religious. Third largest religion in the world Hinduism with its 1 billion adherents, India is considered as home of Hindus because India has largest amount of Hindus then any other country.

so, if you want to know about other top religions of the world with its number of followers then you are at right place. We have created a list of top ten religions of world according to information obtain from Pew Research Center and The World Factbook, have a look:

Rank Religion Adherents
1. Christianity 2.4 billion
2. Islam 1.7 billion
3. Hinduism 1 billion
4. Buddhism 535 million
5. Sikhism 30 million
6. Judaism 15 million
7. Bahaism 8 million
8. Confucianism 7 million
9. Jainism 5 million
10. Shintoism 4.1 million

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