Top Ten Most Dangerous Prisons in the World 2017
Top Ten Most Dangerous Prisons in the World 2017

Top Ten Most Dangerous Prisons in the World 2017

This article would address the top ten dangerous and furious prisons in today’s modern world, which can melt your heart even for the serial killers, psychopaths and pedophiles: because what happens in these prisons would make you forget the harsh conditions and tortures you watched in ‘Prison Break’ or in ‘The Shaw Shank Redemption’. Inmates of these prisons commonly face brutal torture for longtime, scarce food or malnutrition and overcrowding and if they survive these hazards, they fall a victim to epidemics and chronic diseases or get psychologically devastated. There are many such prisons around the world which provide their inmates cushiest lifestyle and luxurious facilities, but majority of the criminals are not lucky enough to have access to these luxurious prisons.
Therefore, the intent of this article is to put in light the top ten dangerous prisons of today’s world, where the death is sometimes more desirable than the life. Commonly, the concept of punishment and prison is perceived to make a man repent for his evil act, so the person is confined to such a place which keeps him unconnected from outer society in order to prevent him from repeating same evil act, but these dangerous prisons not only make their inmates repent their crimes rather destroy the ability to do any act.

10. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela

This dangerous jail in the top ten brutal prisons is controlled by only two things; money and power instead of state policies because of its corrupt system, the outbreak of diseases is a matter of routine because of the overcrowding here. The facilities are designed to have the capacity of 15,000 inmates, but there are roughly 25,000 prisoners in Venezuela which provide the best breeding ground for diseases such as cholera. Those who neither have power nor money which is the majority of the prison population are forced to sleep in corridors, in hammocks, because their cells are given to those who either have power or money.

9. Bang Kwang Central Prison, Thailand

In this dangerous prison, the inmates are chained with leg-irons for first three months of their punishments and death row inmates are welded with leg-irons permanently before their execution by firing squad or lethal injection. This dangerous prison was built between the years of 1927 and 1931 particularly for the dangerous offenders whose trials are being processed in the Appeal court or Supreme court, who are sentenced between 25 years to life imprisonment, the course of its long history and its crushing life style conditions either caused its prisoners to die or lose their sanity that made it one of the most dangerous prisons in the world.

8. Petak Island, Russia

This is one of the most dangerous prisons in Russia which is surrounded by freezing waters of White Lake, infamous for its toughest lifestyle in its conferment as there are no lavatories, washing facility and you spend your whole life in a cell. A mental torture adopted in prisons like this one involves 22.5 hours a day confinement in two-man rooms and inmates are only allowed to meet visitors twice a year. The first nine months or so are adapting there, but after three or four years the personalities of its inmates start to deteriorate. The criminals who are kept in Petak are mostly notorious and dangerous criminals like serial killers, rapist, psychopaths and pedophiles.

7. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda

This is one of the brutal places in the list of top ten dangerous prisons around the world where inmates kill each other and eat the dead bodies; this prison has a capacity of 600 inmates but housed nearly 6000 to 7000 inmates, for that most of the prisoners have to spend much of their time standing barefooted which causes them rotting foot or gangrene. A report published that everyday 7 to 8 inmates die at Gitarama prison due to pathetic conditions. There is no proper food, sanitation and health care in this furious prison, it can really make you feel like a “hell on earth”.

6. Gldani Prison, Georgia

The videos of sexual assaults, rapes, humiliation and torture made this prison as one of the top-ten dangerous prisons. The footage revealed the guards systematically sodomizing the inmates with nightsticks and broom handles which urged the former U.S.S.R state to investigate these terrible acts done to the inmates. As the videos gained worldwide exposure, so the government took firm steps to improve conditions at Gldani prion.

5. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

According to the The Times, it is among the “ten most dangerous prisons in the world” because of the torture and humiliation of its inmates by guards. The period of early and mid 1980s (mainly 1981 to 1984) is known as “the period of brutality” or “the hell of Diyarbakir” where the prisoners in newly established Diyarbakir Prison were subjected to systematic and inhumane torture and consequently 34 prisoners lost their lives. Many people who were imprisoned there expressed their feelings inside this hellish jail and said “They did everything to destroy you psychologically”, or simply, the proverb “the tongue cannot describe what the eye sees” is appropriate to explain the harshness of this infamous prison.

4. Cotonou Prison, Benin

What makes this prison one of the top ten dangerous prisons are its deplorable and harsh conditions which is faced to its inmates. The facility was designed for 400 inmates, but unfortunately it has to hold 2,445 prisoners. According to the reports, the prison approximately holds 800 children along with its adult inmates in poor conditions. The deadly challenges and miserable conditions found in this prison are surprisingly not intentional, as the government has not sufficient resources to improve conditions of this prison. Another report provides that over 90 percent of its inmates are awaiting trial and large numbers of women are detained with their children, even they have to give birth to their babies without an attendant physician.

3. Carandiru Prison, Brazil

The Carandiru Penitentiary is another one of the most dangerous prisons in the history of modern world, and also the place of the largest human right violations in the history of Brazil. It was built in 1920 to meet all the needs of 1980 criminal code, the prison became so overcrowded in the late 20th century that prisoners accomplished to live by their rules, overpowering small amount of guards that worked there. Over 8000 prisoners were imprisoned there, with 1000 prison officers attempting unsuccessfully to control them; it was also the place of dangerous diseases, as most of the inmates were suffering from HIV and other types of easily transmissible diseases. The riots in 1992 also known as “Carandiru Massacre” gained it worldwide exposure that ended on the cost of 111 prisoners’ lives.

2. Tadmor Prison, Syria

“Tadmor” is the Arabic word known for destruction, so the Tadmor prison is also the place for destruction for those who were incarcerated there. The prison is infamous for its harsh conditions, extensive human rights abuse, torture and summary executions. A report of Amnesty International called it a source of “despair, torture and degrading treatment”. What made it one of the most dangerous prisons in the world is the massacre of its thousand inmates during 1980s by Rifaat al-Assad in response to the attempt of assassination of his brother President Hafez al-Assad. In May 2015, it was captured and blown up by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

1. Camp 22

There are some places on the earth where humans are still treated as slaves or as more inhumanely than slaves and one of those places is the Camp 22. It is an isolated penal colony from outer world for political prisoners in North Korea, where approximately 50,000 inmates are housed; it was claimed that three generations of dissident families have been imprisoned there to completely abolish the ‘roots’. It is said that in the first month of its imprisonment, you are likely to lose your ear, nose, eye or any other limb of your body. It gained international exposure after its prison guard defected to China in 2012 who has witnessed the extreme human right violations, human experimentations, and systematic tortures which placed it on the top of the ten world’s most dangerous prisons.

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