Prison is such a part of the society which is considered a symbol of deterrence for the public to decrease the risk of criminal behavior, but luxury when talking about prisons make no logical understanding as it plays an important part in man’s life. There are around thousands of prisons in the world in which most of them are found brutal in treating the prisoners, but contrary to these prisons there are also luxurious prisons which offer fantabulous lifestyle and independence to their prisoners. Perhaps, this astonishing fact is not encouraged by many members of society, because the luxuries provided in these prisons are not available to them, rather entertained by the worst people of society.
So, it is the goal of this article is to provide the brief description of the top ten luxurious prisons in the world which have somewhat unique functions in dealing with inmates. These coming prisons are ranked on the attributes of their norms, values, discipline, rules, luxuries and facilities. The primary reason behind the comforts and luxury in the prisons is to rehabilitate the inmates, so they can spend their future life as good citizen. To some extent, the luxury has proved to be effective in reducing the re-offending rate of inmates.


10. Baston Prison, Norway

Baston Prison stands on the top ten-list mainly due to its minimum security class and luxuries like horseback riding, fishing, tennis and cross-country skiing are accessible during free time of inmates. Beside luxury, Baston cell is also considered the first ecological cell in the world which is proved by its 16 percent re-offending rate, contrasted to a European average of around 70 percent. Prisoners reside in the wooden cottages and work in the prison farm; in addition, only a ferry which is departed from Horten can have access to this jail. Before it was founded in 1982, it served as juvenile school which was famous for the rebellion on 20 May 1915.


9. Halden Prison, Norway

This is one of most luxurious prisons in the world it located in Norway; with a capacity of 252 inmates. Halden cell was established in 2010 with the primary goal of rehabilitation, it offers its inmates the facilities of sports and music, and mainly the unarmed staff of the jail to enhance the sense of community. Arnstein Arneberg Award was gived to Halden Prison for its interior design in 2010 to stimulate a village to make prisoners realize that they are part of society, but it has also faced criticism for being too liberal. It falls into the maximum security class jail because it handles almost all types of offenders.


8. Qincheng Prison, China

The cell which was established with the aid of Soviet Union in 1958 is now found on the list of top ten luxury prisons in the world. Qincheng prison is mainly used to imprison the political prisoners; many famous political prisoners have been kept there. Each cell of this prison is equipped with air-condition, bed, television, and a desk to write. Unfortunately, the luxuries and facilities of this jail are also varied in the low-ranking and high-ranking prisoners and it is assumed that the monthly food budget of high-ranking inmate is nearly twice of the monthly salary of most ordinary factory workers in China. The unique thing about this cell is that it does not require its inmates to wear jail uniforms.


7. Cordillera Prison, Chile

This luxury jail is mainly established for the violators of the human rights, the comforts and facilities offered by this jail are not in range of access for the many people in the world. You would find the luxuries of some three star or four star expensive hotels in this prison like tennis courts, swimming pools, on suite bathrooms, and even their own hired trainers that make this prison very luxurious and opulence. This prison was stopped when one of the total ten inmates mocked the guards that they are hired to hold his cane. This would be considered proper, if the inmates were minor prisoners, instead of human rights violators mainly like the felons of torture and murders.


6. HMP Addiewell, Scotland

This is such a jail in the top ten most luxury prisons list, located in the Scotland, where offenders reach themselves by addressing their criminal behavior and the situations which can lead them to imprisonment. This was designed to work as a “learning” prison in order to root out the anti-social and criminal behavior of its inmates. The learning aim of this jail is to enhance their inmates “employability prospects, their wellbeing and community support networks, leading to a reduction in reoffending. In this way, the prisoners are provided with 40 hours per week for purposeful activity which involves three main areas: Learning and skills, Jobs and Programmed Interventions.


5. Justice Center Leoben, Austria

The NewYork Times once published its article on this well-structured prison; its architecture design is more of a model, not universally accepted, but not easily ignored either. There are two inscriptions on the prison’s perimeters which drive it in the top ten luxury prisons; “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” which is taken from the International covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and “All person deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity”; it has a capacity of 205 inmates


4. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

This prison is that cushiest prison in the top ten lists of luxurious jail which offers its inmates full-equipped gym and workout activities in order to maintain their body shape. This prison also sounds like a home, because you are free to cook your own meals, and watch TV on their own couches, except for the fact that you can’t leave. As well as the surprising fact is that Sweden has actually been closing its prison due to the lack of prisoners, as the whole country has aimed to invest the majority of their time, money, and energy in order to reduce crime


3. Aranjuez Prison, Spain

Aranjuez prison has the uniqueness of providing its inmate family cells for families, with the primary focus on babies. Generally, if a baby is born to an inmate, the child is given to the outside family or to foster care. But, this Spanish jail let the babies to live with their parents behind bars before they reach the age of three years. This cell provides babies enough toys and family environment, and expects to give families a better chance of a normal life after their sentence is served.


2. Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand

Otago correction facility is luxurious for providing the prisoners with every facility, which is generally offered by luxury hotels. In this one of the top ten prisons, you feel more like adult-filled primary school more than a cell. This prison also has its own music band as well as also develops skills of its inmates in music if they have interest, as well as, this prison also offers NZQA qualifications in carpentry, engineering, agriculture, hospitality and banking.


1. Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

This prison is mainly for the women and provides well-behaved prisoners with mani-pedis, hair styling onsite salon and other beauty treatments, it is not enough the ladies can learn various skills including bread-making and enjoy karaoke nights. Even, its luxurious treatment to its inmates has been the headlines for news. It also has a methadone clinic to help former drug users to quit their habit. The primary focus of this one of the top ten luxurious prisons list is to rehabilitate the former drug users, and to reduce the prevalence of HIV amongst drug users.

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