Top Ten Dangerous Countries in the World 2015
Top Ten Dangerous Countries in the World 2015

Top Ten Dangerous Countries in the World 2015

A country is said to be peaceful in the world if it is not facing any kind of threat, violence is approximately zero, people are living in peace, nothing dangerous for tourists, Law and enforcement forces are active and loyal to their country because we always want to like calm and relaxing lives. Unfortunately we come across certain issues countries we live in often have extreme risks of crime and terrorism and lot of countries in the world are going through severe threats of terrorism, sexual violence, homicides, high levels of trafficking and domestic servitude security forces and intelligence agencies are failed to stop these activities in these countries but they are trying hard. Here you can find the list of most dangerous countries in the world according to a Washington based company Country Threat Index (CTI), this company examines the volume of terrorist and rebel alerts, messaging traffic, videos, photos, incidents and the number killed and injured in a country over the past 30 days. This list was published on March 2015:

10. Mexico

Mexico is a North American country and its capital is Mexico city, in our list of most dangerous countries of world Mexico is on tenth position because Mexico is also known as drug state with increasing drug trafficking. Security forces are trying hard to stop the crimes in Mexico but its root have been spread all over United States, major crimes are Extortion, Kidnapping and sexual violence, Drug dealing and arms trafficking.

9. Russia

Russia is the world’s largest nation, its capital is Moscow and its population is approximately 145 million. It is considered as dangerous country in the world despite of all development because of drug trafficking, money laundering, murder for hire, street crimes, terrorism and extortion its political system is unstable and security forces failed to stop these crimes. This country is 9th dangerous country in our list according to CTI.

8. USA

United States of America is a country of 50 states; its capital is Washington D.C its population is approximately 320 million. USA is a world’s leading economic and super power but still it is not safe to live in USA because of some factors which includes robbery, aggravated assault, homicide, rape cases, murders, smuggling, arms trafficking and street crimes. America is fighting war against terrorists all over the world but it seems that America have to control crime rate in its own states first. It is the 8th dangerous country in the world.

7. Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located in south Asia, its capital is Islamabad and its population is about 190 million. Pakistan army and other security forces are fighting a war against terrorism since last 10 years and still fighting they made many sacrifices and lost thousands of lives but Pakistan is still in the list of dangerous countries in the world because of corrupt leaders and their lack of courage, major crimes in Pakistan are terrorism, drug trafficking, extortion, target killing and robbery.

6. Yemen

Yemen is officially known as Republic of Yemen, it is located in Asia, its capital is Sana’a and its population is about 25 million. Yemen is in the list of top ten dangerous countries of world because of ongoing Civil War between security forces and other groups due to which crime rate has increased in Yemen and people are leaving Yemen. Terrorism is rising day by day there and other main issues are robbery, target killing, extortion, abduction etc which made Yemen dangerous country in the world.

5. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is an Asian country officially known as Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, its capital is Kabul and its population is about 31 million. Afghanistan is a fifth dangerous country in the world because it is home of famous terrorist group Al-Qaeda and TTP many terrorist leaders have their permanent residential camps in Afghanistan. History of Afghanistan is full of civil wars with Soviet Union and American security forces; it is worst place for living and for tourism in the world.

4. Somalia

Somalia is an African country officially known as Federal Republic of Somalia, its capital is Mogadishu and its population is about 11 million. It is the fourth dangerous country in the world because terrorism in Somalia is at its peak it is world famous for kidnapping and rape while robbery, street crimes, abduction are other major crimes in Somalia, it is also known as home of Pirates.

3. Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country located on the gulf of Guinea, its capital is Abuja and its population is about 175 million. It is the third dangerous country in the world because of a famous active terrorist group BOKO HARAM’s insurgency, security forces are fighting against these terrorist but still there is no improvement because this terrorist group has strong links with Al-Qaeda. Nigeria is under threat of kidnapping, abduction of girls, murder, and rape and target killings.

2. Syria

Syria is an Asian country officially known as Syria Arab Republic, its capital is Damascus and its population is about 23 million. It is the second most dangerous country in the world because it has considerably high level terrorism and street crimes. There is a ongoing civil war between ISIS militants and government security forces, Syria is also suffering from extreme level of political freedom, this country is a strong hold of militants main issues of this country are Extortion, abduction, terrorism and robbery.

1. Iraq

Iraq is an Asian country officially known as Republic of Iraq, its capital is Baghdad and its population is about 34 million. Iraq is the most dangerous country in the world it is homing of brutal and extreme terrorist group ISIS due to which country is suffering from extreme terrorism pressure. Iraq is one of the leading Oil states in the world but unfortunately government has failed to control terrorism and killing of innocent people in this country, it is very dangerous to live in Iraq.

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