It is very shocking to hear that a country has no standing military because due to current terrorism situation armed forces are very important to defend a nation but actually there are few countries which have no military to defend it. It is a question that if these countries have no military then who guards these countries the answer is they signed contract with neighbor countries to protect them or UN peacekeeping forces from all over the world are deployed in these countries to protect form any terror situation or if a war declared upon that country. On the other hand many countries like US, China and Britain have largest and strongest armies in the world that’s why US is called as super power and China has military power of 1,600,000 active troops, similarly the great Britain also ruled for 200 years only due to its strong military power. These facts shows that how much armed forces are important for a nation to survive but why some countries have no set of military regiments, for reasons concerning either its location or the country’s history itself.

Here in this article we will show you the top ten those counties which have even not a single fighting arms the reasons behind are their historical background, geographical location and some say that they feel no need of a fighting force. Whatever the reasons are the truth is that they totally rely on other countries in critical situations so, here is the list of top ten countries with no military force, have a look:








Depends on which Country’s Force



 France, Spain and NATO Forces


 Vatican City









 Marshall Islands

 United States






 United States





 Costa Rica

 U.S and Chile


 Solomon Islands


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