Top Ten Countries With Most Natural Resources in the World

Top Ten Countries With Most Natural Resources in the World

This article is about the top ten those countries which are rich in natural resources, these are God gifted reserves and considered as backbone to build an economy of a country. These resources are naturally present in any land some are present in large quantity and some are present in small quantity, no one can deny the importance of these reserves. We can see that all those countries who have succeed to build good economy  are blessed with large proportion of natural resources,  some natural resources are very rare and most expensive and some are cheap but both types are important and very helpful in building the economy of a country. we have the biggest example of Saudi Arabia and UAE infront of us, centuries ago when they had not found oil under their soil these people are living very miserable life they had no modern facilities like good transportation, good medical facility and modern technology, but since the day when oil has been discovered from their soil they are the one of the most developed countries in the world. The countries which are blessed with largest forest areas have built their economy by exporting wood and furniture, many countries are enriched with  largest treasury of minerals which are very rare and expensive these minerals helps to boost the economy by exporting them or use them in different ways.

Like Saudi Arabia and UAE we have many examples which prove that natural resources play very important role in the development of a country. we have try our level best to give you exact information of top ten countries with most natural resources in the world, have a look below:

Rank Country Main Natural ResourcesValue of Natural Resources
1. Russia Coal, oil, gold, gas and timber  $75 trillion
2. USA  Natural gas, gold, copper and oil $45 trillion
3. Saudi Arabia Gas, timber and oil  $34.4 trillion
4. Canada  Uranium, timber, oil, phosphate and gas  $33.2 trillion
5. Iran  Natural gas and oil  $27.3 trillion
6. China Coal & timber $23 trillion
7. Brazil  Gold and uranium $21.8 trillion
8. Australia Coal, iron ore, timber and copper $19.9 trillion
9. Brazil  Oil & natural gas $15.9 trillion
10. Venezuela  Iron, oil and natural gas$14.3 trillion
Top Ten Countries With Most Natural Resources in the World

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