Top Ten Countries With Least Vacation Time
Top Ten Countries With Least Vacation Time

Top Ten Countries With Least Vacation Time

It is a fact that human body cannot do continuous work for long time human being have to relax body and mind after a hectic work, without a proper refreshment worker cannot do further progress in his work. A research says that continuous work without any vacation or refreshment can create many problems like anxiety and intellectual illness that’s why every country has made some rules about vacations. People are very curious to know about the annual vacation time of other countries specially students who want to migrate to other countries for higher education and people who want to do some work in developed countries.

We can see that big countries have less vacation time like USA because all big countries have a lot of work to do to maintain growth of its economy, but it can only be done if proper mental and physical rest is given to workers. There are many countries in the world that have worst vacation time that’s why for your information i have made a list of top ten countries with least vacation time in the world. So have a look below:

Rank Country  Annual Vacations
1. USA 13
2. Belgium 20
3. Japan 25
4. South Korea 25
5. Canada 26
6. UK 28
7. Australia 28
8. Brazil 34
9. Austria 35
10. Germany 35
Top Ten Countries With Least Vacation Time

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