Top Ten Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate

Top Ten Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate

Everyone wants to explore the world and wants to visit every place of world but there are some countries which are extremely dangerous and not suitable for tourism. These countries have highest rate of crimes and kidnapping is one the most fast growing crimes in these countries that’s why we have made this article for you so you can take precautions to travel there. It is a criminal act which is done for ransom or in connection with some other personal dispute, in modern world kidnappers use modern techniques so no one can trace them easily. In some poor countries kidnapping has become profession of criminals and they are doing this crime at high level.

Here is the list of top ten countries with highest kidnapping rate in the world.

Rank Country Capital
1. Mexico Mexico City
2. India New Delhi
3. Pakistan Islamabad
4. Iraq Baghdad
5. Nigeria Abuja
6. Libya Tripoli
7. Afghanistan Kabul
8. Venezuela Caracas
9. Lebanon Beirut
10. Colombia Bogotá

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