Top Ten Chicken Producing Countries of the World

Top Ten Chicken Producing Countries of the World

Chickens are medium sized, gregarious, omnivorous, ground-dwelling birds that in their natural surroundings search among the leaf litter for seeds, invertebrates, and other small animals to eat. Around 5400B.C male chicken was used for cockfighting and was regarded as symbol of fertility in different countries and then around 4000 years ago it came to Egypt and then Egyptians made a breakthrough when they learn the difficult technique of artificial farming of chicken since then chicken was spread around the world for the production of food. Chicken farming is very profitable source of income and excellent source to complete the needs of food of a country a recently report said that more than 50 billion chickens are raised every year as one of the most popular sources of food. Very large poultry farms are used for the chicken farming and it takes 40 days for growth of a chick into a healthy chicken, the chicken raised with the purpose to get the meat is known as the Broiler while, on the other hand, a chicken that is known with the aim to get the eggs is called Layer.

If we talk about the top ten chicken producing countries in the world then there are two competitors China and United States which are fighting for the number 1 rank from many years but still China is on number 1 position with the 3,860,000,000 tons of poultry chicken production every year. Here is the list of top ten chicken producing countries in the world according to year 2015:

RankCountryProduction of Chicken
1. China  3,870,000,000 ton
2. United States 1,970,000,000 ton
3. Indonesia 1,300,000,000 ton
4. Brazil 1,100,000,000 ton
5. India 648,730,000 ton
6. Mexico 640,000,000 ton
7. Russia 340,000,000 ton
8. Japan 286,000,000 ton
9. Iran 280,000,000 ton
10. Turkey 250,000,000 ton
Top Ten Chicken Producing Countries of the World

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