Top Ten Biggest Dams in the World

Top Ten Biggest Dams in the World

Three Gorges Dam / cr. Wikipedia

A dam is an excellent source for storage of huge amount of water the reservoirs created by dams provide water for various needs including irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture and navigability. Early dams were used to control the floods and water flow after heavy rains but now dams are biggest source of production of electricity through turbines. According to a report the earliest known dam is in Jordan and its construction was completed around 3000 BC, its name is Jawa Dam walls of dam is made of stones and it is 30 ft high and 3 ft wide.  There are three types of dams constructed in different regions of world arch-gravity dams, embankment dams or masonry dams, all these types of dams have capacity to store huge amount of water in it, the only thing which classified dams is the material used in construction and their structure.

Syncrude Tailings

The biggest dam in the world is Three Gorges Dam it is constructed over the flows of Yangtze River located in Yiling District of China it took 17 years to construct this expensive dam with manpower of around 40,000 workers, it can producer around 20,000 megawatt of electricity it is totally made up of concrete and its height is 180 meters. If you want to know about the other big and large dams and where they are located then see the list below of top 10 biggest dams in the world.

RankDamCountryVolume 1000 cubic meter
1.  Three Gorges China  39,300,876
2.  Syncrude Tailings Canada  540,053
3. Chapetón Argentina  296,252
4. Pati Argentina  238,176
5.  New Cornelia Tailings USA  209,564
6. Tarbela Pakistan  121,742
7. Kambaratinsk Kyrgyzstan  112,190
8.  Fort Peck Montana  96,035
9.  Lower Usuma Nigeria  93,650
10.  Cipasang Indonesia  90,340
Top Ten Biggest Dams in the World

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