Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2015
Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2015

Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2015

A report said that the founder of Intelligence department and special force is an Islamic warrior and leader Sultan Salah ud din Ayubi he created these departments in 1153 to gather intelligence and fight wars against crusaders. It is a famous saying that a best spy can make win or lose a war on behalf of his intelligence gathering these spies or agents vowed to devote their lives and worked as secret agents for the state. Intelligence agencies are highly secret and important departments of any country and they become most important in wars because their agents sneak through the enemy areas and collect information of enemy strategies and then give them to their forces. In time of peace intelligence agencies gather information about criminals and terrorist organizations which are working against them and after the agents confirm the target they arrest or neutralize the threat by conducting a fierce operation against criminals or terrorists. Intelligence agents spread their network in all over the world to gather information from every corner of world and about every suspect which is threat to world or a nation because they vowed to protect their country from domestic or foreign threats.

Intelligence agents are highly classified and they kept their identity very secret so they can mix in civilians to have an eye on criminals or to protect the classified assets from terrorists. There are hundreds of best intelligence agencies in the world which are working day and night to protect their homeland but here we will talk about some of the best agencies of the world. According to news reports and other information we make a list of top ten best intelligence agencies of the world in 2015 so have a look:

1. ISI, Pakistan

ISI stands for Inter Services Intelligence it is a spy agency of Pakistan and it was created in 1948 after pak-India partition. It is the number 1 and best intelligence agency in the world and it prove itself in Indo-Pak wars, Kashmir operations and ongoing operations in tribal areas of Pakistan. It’s headquarter is located in Islamabad and anyone form Pakistan can join ISI either he is a civilian or a soldier in three Pakistan armed forces.

2. CIA, United States

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency it is spy agency of United States and it was established in 1947, the headquarters of CIA is in Langley, Virginia. It is the second best intelligence agency in the world it has major part to break USSR in cold war, it is very famous all over the world.

3. MI6, United Kingdom

MI6 is also known as Secret Intelligence Agency it is a British spy agency established in 1909 its headquarters is in London. It is the third best intelligence agency in the world it has about 3300 employees, it has responsibilities to keep close eye on inter and external terror activities.

4. MSS, China

MSS stands for Ministry State Security it is the intelligence agency of China and was formed in July 1983. It is the fourth best intelligence agency in the world its headquarters is in Beijing its mission is to protect china from external threats.

5. FSB, Russia

Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) was formed in April 1995 its headquarters is in Moscow, Russia. It is the fifth best intelligence agency in the world it has around 300,000 employees, its mission is to gather information, protect and make sure security of country.

6. BND, Germany

BND or Bundesnachrichtendienst is the federal intelligence service of Germany it was formed in April 1956 its headquarters is in Pullach and Berlin. It is the sixth best intelligence agency in the world it has around 6500 employees, its mission is to destroy France.

7. DGSE, France

DGSE stands for General Directorate for External Security it is intelligence agency of France, it was formed in April 1982 its headquarters is in Paris, France. It is the seventh best intelligence agency in the world its mission is to destroy Germany it works under Ministry of defense.

8. MOSSAD, Israel

MOSSAD is “Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations” of Israel it was formed in December 1949 its headquarters is in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the eighth best intelligence agency in the world it has around 1200 employees, its major aims are intelligence compilation, counter terrorism and secret operations.

9. ASIS, Australia

ASIS stands for Australian Secret Intelligence Service was formed in May 1952 its headquarters is in Canberra Australia. It is the ninth best intelligence agency in the world its mission is to Protect and promote Australia’s vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services.

10. CSIS, Canada

CSIS stands for Canadian Security Intelligence Service it was created in June 1984 its headquarters is in Ottawa Canada. It has around 2500 employees its mission is to protect the country from any kind of terror activity.

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