Top Ten Arms Importing Countries
Top Ten Arms Importing Countries

Top Ten Arms Importing Countries

If we say that this is era of wars and conflicts then it is true because every country is somehow facing some kind of civil war and terrorism, to overcome these types of problems modern weapons are very important. Ever country is trying to become powerful and strong then other countries and for that purpose biggest arms industries are required, the biggest example we have is United States of America it has some largest arms industry companies in the world like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon etc that’s why USA is super power. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRP) has released an updated data about the ‘Trends in International Arms Transfers’ and according to this data Saudi Arabia is the biggest weapon buyer in the world.

All those countries which have weak defensive line and not good in producing weapons are importing arms from other advanced countries like America, Russia, China and France etc all mentioned countries are producing and supplying weapons from many years. Now we are going to tell you about top ten arms importing countries in the world, which include guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more. Have a look below:

Rank Country  Arms ImportMillion USD
1.  Saudi Arabia 2629
2. India 1550
3. Turkey 1357
4. China 1200
5. Indonesia 1058
6. Vietnam 1039
7. Taiwan 1031
8. UAE 842
9. Australia 738
10. Oman 717
Top Ten Arms Importing Countries

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