Top Ten Arms Exporting Countries in the World

Top Ten Arms Exporting Countries in the World

In this era modern weapons are very important because every country is somehow facing some kind of terrorist threats, infact some countries have been fighting with different terrorist groups from many years. We can see around us that there is a chain of ongoing civil wars in different countries that’s why arms industry is getting very important in these days. Every nation is trying to become more powerful than its neighboring countries to overcome the possible threats of war, for this purpose a country must have best forces and modern weapons. The biggest example is United States of America why America is most powerful country in the world the reason is it has largest arms industry companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon etc and America is the largest supplier of arms in the world.

Modern arms have made today’s war so brutal and quick but every country cannot made these modern weapons that’s why they buy them from other countries like America because America has largest arms industry companies. After America other countries which are largest suppliers of arms are Russia and china, the Products include guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more. Have a look below to see the list of top ten arms exporting countries in the world.

Rank Country  Arms Exports(Million USD)
1. United States of America 10194
2. Russia 5971
3. China 1978
4. France 1200
5. Germany 1110
6. United Kingdom 1083
7. Israel 1074
8. Spain 824
9. Italy 786
10. Ukraine 664
Top Ten Arms Exporting Countries in the World

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