Top 10 Most Difficult Sports in the World

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports in the World

It is a famous saying that “music is food of soul” but I personally believe that healthy sports is food for healthy soul because there is no other healthy entertainment then sports. Since the creation of mankind humans are inventing new sports in every decade that’s why there are too many sports available in the world to play. in this article we will tell you about which are most difficult sports in the world it is even more difficult to choose that which sports is most difficult because every game demands hard workout and intense exercise to reach up to the criteria of game. So in the light of professional information and past experiences of athletes we have made this article and a list of top ten most difficult sports in the world.

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1. Boxing

Boxing is the most difficult sport this game is originated by the ancient Greeks as hand to hand combat sports. The reason it is the most difficult sport is that player should have strength, speed, stamina, endurance and strong will power to survive in the ring. Many boxers got severe injuries during fight that’s why player should be strong enough to tolerate these injuries.

2. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is on second number of most difficult sports in the world this game demand double effort form player first is player should be full master in skating and secondly player should be present minded. This game is played by two teams on skaters and they use sticks to shoot a rubber ball called puck into the opponents’ net it is totally different from field hockey.

3. American Football

American football got third position in the list of most difficult sports in the world because this game demands as much strength as a human can provide. This game is played by two teams and players struggle very hard to cross the oval shape ball over the opponent’s line to earn one point.

4. Water Polo

Water Polo is very hectic game played by two teams in water players have to throw the ball into the opponent’s net to earn a goal. This game demands much effort and stamina from player in 1.8 meters deep pool this game was originated in 1877 as “water rugby”.

5. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the most hectic and most difficult games in the world its main event is Competitive artistic gymnastics. A person who wants to do gymnastics should have excellent strength, flexibility, grace, control and balance.

6. Free Style Wrestling

Wrestling is another game which demands so much effort and strength because this game is all about to show mentally and physically strength. This game is played between two players it is very ancient game and it was started in 12th century BC.

7. Martial Arts

Martial arts is very ancient combat sport it is very popular in all countries of the world because it gives full control on self defense, physical strength, mentally strength and excellent fitness.

8. Bull Riding

Bull Riding is one of the most dangerous and most difficult sports in the world in which rider attempts to stay on the bull and bull attempts to buck off the rider. This game was first organized in 1852 by a ranger named H.L.Kinney player must have to stay on bull’s back for at least eight seconds to win the game.

9. Skiing

Skiing is of three types Alpine, Nordic and freestyle skiing this game is travelling from ancient times like 5000 BC. Skiers use skis to glide on the snow it is from of ice sports this game demands control, strength and mental fitness.

10. Motor Cross

Motor Cross is a type of racing sports but its track is very difficult and very muddy so motorcyclist should have physically powerful to compete in this game. This game was first played in 1906 and now it has become very popular especially in UK, brave heart people participate in this game due to its dangerous stunts.

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