Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rare Flowers in the World
Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rare Flowers in the World

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rare Flowers in the World

Flowers are real blessing of God and it is the most beautiful gift that we got from nature specially in spring season colorful and different style flowers make this earth like heaven. World looks most beautiful in spring season when every tree gets new leaves and different colors of flowers bloom everywhere birds wandering from here and there. Some flowers are very well known in the every country of world like rose and sunflower but here in this article we will tell you about those flowers which are very beautiful and rare in the world even a common man doesn’t see this kind of flowers in his whole life. A report said that there are almost 270,000 kinds o flowers in the world every type has a specific season and a specific country to bloom for example some are only found in jungles and remote areas they are called wild flowers, some are found in Northern and some are found is southern areas of a country.

If you are looking for list of those flowers which are most beautiful and rare in the world than you are at right place because after a great research we made a list of top ten most beautiful and rarest flowers in the world. These flowers are extremely rare and few on this earth while there are 10% other unclassified flowers in remote regions of world so they are not part of this list.

1. Kadupul flower

Kadupul Flower is a very beautiful and rare flower found in Srilanka this flower has many names in many countries like Flower from Heaven, Flower from the Moon, Queen of the night, Brahma Kamal and Kadupul Mal. One thing that made Kadupul flowers special and rare is they bloom at mid night and perish before dawn that’s why few people got chance to see them.

2. Ghost Orchid

Ghost orchid is also known as Palm polly and White frog orchid it is from orchid family and rarely found in areas of Florida, Cuba and Bahamas. It is famous for its unique look this plant has no leaves it only has stems and it blooms between months of April and August only while odor soap can be made by this plant.

3. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

Yellow and purple lady slippers flowers are very rare member of orchid family found in Spain and other part of Europe. Its name was driven due to its unique shape of ladies slippers it is one of the most expensive flower in the world. This flower is protected by law due to its expensiveness it has purple and yellow color which gives it beautiful look.

4. Jade Vine

Jade vine is also known as emerald vine and turquoise jade vine it is found in rain forests of Philippines, its stem is almost 18m in length. It is member of Pea and bean family its color varies from blue to light green, it is a very rare flower.

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5. Parrot’s Beak

Parrot’s Beak flower is very rare because the sunbirds which originally pollinated this plant have gone long ago and now experiments failed to found its new pollinators. This beak shape flowers are rare since 1884 and it can be found only in Canary Islands, it only blooms in spring season in full sunshine.

6.  Youtan Poluo

Youtan poluo is very tiny type of flower approximately 1mm discovered by Mr. Ding in China it is very mysterious flower. This flower is like a wonder of world because botanical expert says that Yuotan Poluo only blooms once after every 3000 years.

7. Coryanthes vasquezii

Coryanthes vasquezii flower is also known as bucket orchid it is most beautiful flower look like a helmet mounted over bucket. This rare flower is found in low elevation forests of Mexico and Brazil, it is also used in making scents.

8. Psychotria Elata

Psychotria Elata flower commonly known as Hot Lips is very famous and rare due to its shape of two red lips. This flower is found in rain forests of America, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador, it attracts pollinators including hummingbirds and butterflies.

9. Middlemist Red

Middlemist Red is very rare flower only found in Newzealand and Britain it is bright pink in color and look resembles closely to rose. It was first found in 1804 in China then brought to Britain by John Middlemist, there are very few plants of this specie.

10. Campion

Campion flower is also known as Silene tomentosa and it only found in British and Gibraltar it has different shapes it found very rare in the world. It is only found in botanical garden of London and Gibraltar because now there are few plants of this flower and no pollinators.

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