Top 10 Largest Lakes in the World

Top 10 Largest Lakes in the World

Lakes are larger and deeper than ponds and usually most of them are fed and drained by rivers and streams. It is estimated that there are round about 2 million lakes in the world some are really great lakes like “Caspian sea” it is the largest lake in the world covering area of 143,000 sq mi, it contains an oceanic basin rather than being entirely over continental crust. The second largest lake in the world is “Superior” which has its shoreline with Canada and USA, its area is estimated as 31,820 sq mi. Third largest lake is “Victoria” it has its shoreline with Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, it is a great lake covering area of approximately 26,828 sq mi.

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There are different types of lakes in different regions of world like Tectonic, Landslide and ice-dam, Salt, Oxbow, Crater, and Glacial lakes. For the sake of increasing knowledge of people we have made a list of top ten largest lakes in the world.

Caspian Sea
Great Bear
Great Slave
Rank Lake Area Maximum Depth Shoreline with Countries
1. Caspian Sea 143,000 sq mi 1,025 m  Kazakhstan,Russia,Turkmenistan,Azerbaijan,Iran.
2. Superior 31,820 sq mi 406.3 m Canada,United States.
3. Victoria 26,828 sq mi 84 m  Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania.
4. Huron 23,000 sq mi 229 m Canada,United States.
5. Michigan 22,000 sq mi 281 m  United States.
6. Tanganyika 12,700 sq mi 1,470 m Burundi,Tanzania,Zambia,Democratic Republic of the Congo.
7. Baikal 12,200 sq mi 1,637 m Russia.
8. Great Bear 12,000 sq mi 446 m Canada
9. Malawi 11,600 sq mi 706 m Malawi,Mozambique,Tanzania.
10. Great Slave 11,170 sq mi 614 m Canada
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