Top 10 Greatest Physicists of all Time

Top 10 Greatest Physicists of all Time

Physics is considered as one of the toughest subject in the history of education, mostly people get bored from this subject but those who enjoy physics can become great physicists in future. Physics is the study of natural science through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force; it helps us understanding that how universe behaves. Modern physics is the fruit of hard work of great physicists; they invented new theories and concepts of physics which played key role in inventions of many things use in our daily life. Physics has very old history its concepts was first started by Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, and the Indus Valley Civilization during 3000 BCE they had predictive knowledge of the motions of the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Physicists are great people and they are widely appreciated in all around the world because of their astounding work, they have done great experiments to explain how universe first started. Here below is the list of top ten greatest physicists of all time, have a look:

Rank Name CountryDate of Birth  Date of Death
1. Albert Einstein Germany March 14, 1879  April 18, 1955
2. Isaac Newton United Kingdom  January 4, 1643 March 31, 1727
3. James Clerk Maxwell United Kingdom June 13, 1831 November 5, 1879
4. Richard Feynman United States May 11, 1918 February 15, 1988
5. Galileo GalileiItaly February 15, 1564 January 8, 1642
6. Niels Henrik David Bohr Denmark  October 7, 1885  November 18, 1962
7. Michael Faraday United Kingdom September 22, 1791 August 25, 1867
8. Erwin Schrödinger Austria August 12, 1887 January 4, 1961
9. Paul Dirac  United Kingdom  August 8, 1902 October 20, 1984
10. Werner Heisenberg Germany December 5, 1901 February 1, 1976
Top 10 Greatest Physicists of all Time

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