Top 10 Dangerous Cities of America

Top 10 Dangerous Cities of America

This article is for those people who are living in United States of America and for those who are planning to migrate there in future because in this article we will tell you about top ten least safe cities of America. If we run our eyes on the list of top dangerous countries then we can see that America is also in this list, although it is a super power country having best forces in the world but it has failed to control its crime rate. Like every country America also made its police department and other intelligence departments to control its crime rate, according to a report many police officers lost their lives during past few years in order to maintain peace. We all should respect our law enforcement departments because of them we are living in peace and out there they are sacrificing their lives for us.

Now we are going to tell you about top ten dangerous cities of America, have a look below:

Rank City Safety Index
1. Oakland  21.63
2. Detroit  23.85
3. Rochester  25.07
4. Wilmington  25.41
5. Memphis  27.63
6. Saint Louis  31.68
7. Philadelphia  33.25
8. Atlanta  34.58
9. Chicago  34.74
10. Phoenix  37.46
Top 10 Dangerous Cities of America

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