top 10 beautiful countries in the world 2015

top 10 beautiful countries in the world 2015

There are many countries in world which are like heavens on earth.There are people who want to reveal the world and its nature actually more you travel more you realize that there are many places in world to visit.Those people have curiosity to see the world.Travelers have spent their time and money in seek of nature and peace they want to see more and more beautiful countries. According to many travelers the top 10 beautiful countries in world would be:


Indonesia is a very beautiful country.There live majority of Muslims people of this country is as beautiful as this country is.Jakarta is capital of Indonesia.Indonesia is among the most terrorism destination of world.The world has admit that the Bali Island of Indonesia has most beautiful beaches in world because they are natural and they seem like paradise on earth.It has many entertainment places to visit.


South Africa is famous for its wild nature.Cape Town is capital of South Africa.This country has large range of forests and mountains and it has approximately all kind of animals and beasts in these forests. South Africa is a unique travel destination of world. Kruger National Park of South Africa is one of the most beautiful parks in world. It has long range of landscapes from Blyde River Canyon to the Drakensberg Mountains.

8. Australia

Australia is largest continent and it has its own beauty and natural charm. Just because of it is largest continent so it has many capitals like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Darwin. It also have wide range of landscapes and beautiful parks like South Africa its famous park is Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park with its world-renowned stone monolith to the Kakadu National Park. The nature of Australia is very attractive that’s why every year tourists make their way straight to Australia.

7. United States Of America (USA)

The United States Of America is a civilized nation with huge population. It has many places to visit like Grand Canyon Arizona, Golden Gate Bridge, Disney World, Statue of Liberty and its most beautiful and famous in world Yellowstone National Park. It has many more places to watch and remember. It stands among most modern countries in world.


France is very famous and old country. France is famous for its culture and traditions. People in every corner of world desires to live in France. Capital of France is Paris and currency of France is Euro. This country has many places to visit like Louvre Museum and the sign of France Eiffel Tower. France had fought many battles in past and still there are no signs of battles and destruction there but just beauty and nature.


Brazil is world famous for its National football team but there is lot more of Brazil to show its uniqueness to world specially Rio de janeiro the fantastic city. Brasilia is capital of Brazil and its currency is Brazilian Real (BRL). This country has many beautiful beaches to visit and to overcome hot weather.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is very famous for its landscapes and snowy mountains. It is another destination for tourists. Capital of New Zealand is Wellington and its currency is New Zealand Dollar (NZD). New Zealand has many places to visit like sky tower Auckland and Fiordland National Park.New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands North Island and South Island. New Zealand is civilized by its modern development and naturally beautiful by its geographical area.


Italy is another country famous for its Football team and natural beauty. Capital of Italy is Rome and its currency is Euro. Italy is very beautiful country but what it is most appreciated is the small charming towns around the country. It has many places to visit like Colosseum and Amalfi Coasts etc. Italy has also many well-known historical cities like Venice and Room which millions of people want to visit and also some of the best wardrobe trends are born in Milan.


Scotland no doubt famous for its stunning beauty and loving people. Capital of Scotland is Edinburgh and its currency is British Pound Sterling (GBP). Scotland is rich in Culture and Traditions. Famous places of Scotland are Edinburgh Castle and Highlands etc. Scotland is the U.K.’s northernmost country and it is a land of mountain wildernesses such as the Cairngorms and Western Highlands.


Switzerland is known as Heaven on earth it is no doubt the most beautiful place on earth to visit. Capital of Switzerland id Bern and its currency is Franc (CHF). It has gorgeous climate, stunning landscapes and very distinct snow-capped mountains. It has many places to visit like Swiss Apls, Zurich Lake and Mount Pilatus etc. The main thing which made this country heaven is lush green trees with heavy loaded fruits. People of Switzerland are very beautiful and loving like their country.

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