The Bahamas – The Archipelagic Paradise

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of city life and its intricacies annoys us. Loud cars, pollutions and mundane routines are a few things that tire us while being in the city. Hence, we need an escape. An escape to somewhere exquisite and majestic which will make us forget about all our problems. A place that will leave you marveling at its beauty and tranquility. That place is the island of Bahamas.

Early days and history

This island has a long history before turning to the paradise that it is now. As early as 300 to 400 AD, people came from Cuba and decided to live on the islands of Bahamas. They mainly relied on the ocean to get their food. From 900-1500 AD, the Lucayan people lived here. From then on, they carried on with their life peacefully. They have also developed different political, social and religious systems.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set out on a voyage. He then discovered the island of Bahamas, describing it as the island of “baja mar” (shallow sea). It then was renamed to Bahamas. When he arrived at the island, there were about 40,000 Lucayans. Albeit being peaceful and civil people, this in and of itself became a harm for the Lucayans. They were easy targets for enslavement. Within 25 years, all of the Lucayans in Bahamas were wiped out due to diseases and enslavement.

During the late 1600s to early 1700s, many pirates came to the island of Bahamas. Among the famous pirates were called Blackbeard and Calico Jack. There were also other female pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read who disguised themselves as men. The shallow waters and a plethora of islands made the island of Bahamas a perfect place for hiding treasure.  

Wars and Struggles

Around 1670, Nassau, the capital of Bahamas was a commercial port. It was run by lawless and barbaric seamen. Once by Spanish troops and by the French. Soon enough, the pirates around began scavenging for loot in the ships that were destroyed as a result of the siege. By 1718, the King of England appointed Woodes Rogers to serve as the Royal Governor there. He carried out the task of trying to restore law and order towards Nassau. He did it successfully.

Fast forward to 1898, Bahamas opened its doors to the world. This was due to The Hotel and Steam Ship Service Act. This act provided the island of Bahamas with construction materials needed to build hotels and steamship services. This attracted more people to come to Bahamas.

On July 10, 1973, the island of Bahamas became a free and independent country. Still however, the island of Bahamas is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Ever since then, Bahamas grew to become one of the most favorite tourists spot in the world.

Tourist Attraction

The beauty of the island of Bahamas never ceases to attract the hearts of tourists. There are a lot of things that you can do here in Bahamas.

The first major thing to do in Bahamas is of course to enjoy the beaches. There are a lot of beaches to enjoy in Bahamas. These beaches are mostly integrated with mega luxurious resorts. Among the few are Atlantis, Paradise Island and Gold Rock Beach. These beaches offer different activities other than just swimming. Tourists are able to go for a dive and snorkel around the beach or even go horseback riding. Some other beaches are also equipped with laid back bars and pubs which is perfect for those wanting to grab a drink. Bahamas’ year-round warm weather makes it perfect for tourists wanting to enjoy the beach.

Aside from laying down on the beach, tourists can embark on a boat trip circling around the island of Bahamas. Going on a boat trip enables tourists to see a scenic viewpoint of Bahamas – gazing at the beauty of its islands. Other activities while taking the boat trip include diving and snorkeling and spear fishing. You can also rent a private boat and host a party – bringing the best out of sea life.

National Park

If you are tired of the sea and want to venture on land, try visiting the Lucayan National Park. The Lucayan National Park is arguably the most popular national park in Bahamas. Within it lies a 40-acre spread of mangrove, palm and pine trees. Aside from sightseeing the trees, you can visit the Burial Mound Cave. It is where the remains of four indigenous Lucayans were discovered in 1986.

To close your day off with a scenic view, The Glass Window Bridge is a must visit. This strip of land and road measures at 30 feet wide. On the northern side, rough and deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean can be spotted. On the southern side, the calm and tranquil waters of the Exuma Sound are available to be seen. The Glass Window Bridge gives tourists a fantastic view of the landscape to close their day off.


The Bahamas has with it a distinct culture which has evolved over generations. From a mixture of African, British and American influences, Bahamas’ culture is truly rich and diverse. The people of Bahamas are religious and has a majority of people who are Christian devotees. English is its official language, with a local dialect called “Bahamianese” being spoken at certain times.

The Bahamas has three indigenous forms of music and dance: Goombay, Rake ‘n’ Scrape and Junkanoo. These forms of music are native to Bahamas and considered to be the earliest indigenous form of Bahamas music.

Gambling Around

The island of Bahamas is also a gambling city. While there are different casinos thanks to the mega-resorts, the best casino available for the visit is the Atlantis Casino. The Atlantis Casino is an ocean-themed casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It is designed with Magnifique glass sculptures which contributes to its Bahamian ambiance.

There are multiple games that are playable here in the Atlantis Casino. Though being a remote place as opposed to other gambling areas such as Las Vegas, the slot machines here is modern and ahead of the curve. Other games also include table games such as poker and blackjack.

Other than gambling, visitors can enjoy the casino by chilling in the Sea Glass Lounge which offers them a view towards the ocean. The Sea Glass lounge also boasts its ocean themed lounge which makes visitors feel like diving under the water.

The Bahamas is truly an archipelagic paradise. While mostly made up of beaches and islands, visitors can enjoy different types of activities here which will ensure that they will not be bored.


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