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Sun City: The Hidden Paradise in South Africa

South Africa is mostly famous for its exotic wildlife and amazing nature. However, hidden among the cities of South Africa is a majestic resort of amazing attractions and diverse cultures. Moreover, this resort boasts its modernity through its valued tourist attractions and luxurious resorts. Once called the Lost City, this resort has evolved to become one of the biggest tourist attractions of South Africa.

A brief history of Sun City

Initially, Sun City was built on 1979 by business magnate Soel Kerzner. The place is a part of his very own Sun International group of properties. In its early days, Sun City was located in Bantustan of Bophuthatswana. However, Bophuthatswana was then an independent state by South Africa’s apartheid government. Which meant that several restrictions were imposed towards Sun City.

Despite all of this, Sun City continued to become a popular tourist destination throughout the years. In 1994, Bophuthatswana was then joined together towards the new South Africa. Which meant that Sun City was going to flourish even more. Since then, Sun City has now become a beautiful resort filled with amazing tourist attractions.

There are also major hunting area and various high-class resorts. It currently has a total population of 1299 and is home to many ethnic groups from Black Africans to Asians. This shows the true concept of unity in diversity. While the people here mainly speak English, other languages such as Zulu and Afrikaans are also spoken here.

Tourists visiting this City will surely not get enough of it. There are some various things to do in this city. Such as attractions to visit, games to play and resorts to relax on. This beautiful city will pamper tourists and make them feel at home. Here are various things that tourists can indulge on while visiting Sun City.

Tourist Attractions

It wouldn’t be visiting South Africa if you will not experience its exotic wildlife. Sun City has just that. To start off, tourists can visit the Pilanesberg National Park. The Pilanesberg National Park is a safari and game reserve which is home to more than 7,000 animals and wildlife. Here, tourists can sightsee different animals and local wildlife ranging to cheetahs and elephants.

For tourists who have an interest in hunting, the Pilanesberg National Park allows for game and hunting. Do not worry, the park will make sure that excessive and illegal hunting is not done. Moreover, tourists can choose different types of accommodations that will give them a different living experience. Those accommodations include the Thutlwa Safari Lodge, Black Rhino Game Lodge, and Kwa Martiane. These accommodations will give tourists the sensation of living in South Africa.

The Sea

Fancy beaches but scared to drown in the waves? Worry not, Sun City will satisfy you with its Valley of Waves. Valley of Waves is a water park located in Sun City. Valley of Waves is unique due to the fact that it carries an ancient, lost city overgrown by jungle as its theme. There wave pools, adrenaline-pumping slides, and different manmade caves. Valley of Waves really gives you the feeling of being lost in a beautiful waterfall that belongs to a lost kingdom.

For golf lovers out there, this City also provides you with an amazing, desert-themed golf course. It is the Lost City Golf Course. With an astonishing length of 6983 meters, this golf course gives you the best chance to smash the ball as hard as you can with your golf club. Not only that, its undulating and rocky terrain is also full of spectacular views across the bushveld. With 18 holes and a series of lakes in between, this golf course is perfect for you to play golf and sightsee whilst reliving the desert landscape and its beautiful trees.


While being a modern resort inside the wild African terrain, Sun City still retains its African culture strongly and stays true to its exotic wildlife and nature. As a result of this, Sun City has been a focus for entertainment and gaming (hunting). To this day, it still hosts a variety of gaming activities in its areas. It also has various safaris which also serves as a protection for the wildlife, noting that the wildlife there is exotic.

There are several places that tourists can visit to learn deeper about the local culture surrounding Sun City. Firstly, tourists can visit the Motseng Cultural Village. Located in the center of this city, the Motseng Cultural Village is just a walking distance away from nearby hotels and resorts. The Motseng Cultural Village is a cultural village that preserves true African culture by concentrating on the eight main tribes of South Africa.

Here, they also showcase different types of cultures, traditions, architecture, dress, and regalia of the tribes. Tourists can also witness different types of dances demonstrated by the local tribe. Not only that, various crafts and unique artistic skills are also being showcased. Which the tourists can buy and bring home as a souvenir. The Motseng Cultural Village is truly a pride of the South African people.

Aside from that, tourists can visit the Lesedi Village, which is a multi-cultural village that has pristine bushvelds and rocky hills as its setting. While visiting Lesedi Village requires an hour’s drive from Joburg, Lesedi Village offers a unique two-day experience where tourists can experience the real life of rural African culture. Here in Lesedi Village, tourists will be given a better comprehension of the rich cultural backgrounds and the true traditions of South Africa.

Gambling in Sun City

Being a resort, Sun City is also home to luxurious casinos where gamblers can try to see if lady luck is on their side. The best casino that tourists can go to gambling in Sun City is the Sun City Casino. Opened in 1979, Sun City Casino is a modern casino, ahead of the curve, teemed with the latest technology and different kinds of popular games. From slot machines to blackjacks, gamblers can experience and get the best of gambling city here in Sun City Casino. What’s more, Sun City Casino provides Cash desk facilities and ATMs. They also have Bureau de Change which accepts the major currencies – so gamblers can play with ease without worrying to change their money beforehand.

The games here include slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, and other card tables. While the games are exciting, the building and interior of Sun City Casino have a design like that of a Vegas-style casino. Complete with its glitz and glamour. The modern architecture and high-class interior ensure that every gambler feels comfortable while being here. It is a must for gamblers register as a Sun MVG cardholder. This is so that they can access different benefits such as the Salon Prive and the VIP gaming.

Sun City is a major resort that has modernity and rich culture. Sun City is a must-visit for every tourist visiting South Africa.


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