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Septic Tank Maintenance 101: Do it Today

Septic tanks are one of the few household items that require constant septic tank maintenance and care. While installing one can be daunting, taking care of it is not as hard as it seems. If your septic tank breaks down, it costs approximately Rp. 43,000,000 to replace it. As that is a considerable sum of money, it is very important that you take care of your septic tank.

Routine septic tank maintenance company will surely avoid you from having to spend big bucks. This will also prevent you from trying to replace it when you can just simply take care of it. Below are some tips on septic tank maintenance in North Jakarta. Also on how you can take care of your septic tank in an easy. A simple way without having to spend a lot of money.

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is an underground chamber or tank that serves as a place in which wastewater and effluent passes through. A part of septic system, the septic tank is usually located underground and holds the duty of holding solids and scum compiled in your wastewater. Septic tanks are usually found in rural areas or old homes that do not have access to sewer systems that we often find in big cities and suburban areas.

Why is Septic Tank Maintenance Important?

As stated above, replacing a broken septic tank with a new one – when you could’ve saved it by simply taking care of it, is extremely expensive. The more frequent you take care of your septic tank, the longer your septic tank will last and the more durable it will become. This means that you do not have to risk the money on replacing your broken septic tank with a new one.

Moreover, if you frequently take care of your septic tank, it will be easy to pump and filter the wastewater – which means less clogging will happen and the smoother the flow will be. If clogging happens, your bathroom might be flowed with water. Moreover, your septic tank will further be damaged – which then again decreases its durability.

Taking Care of Your Septic Tank – Dos

When taking care of your septic tank, there are a lot of dos and don’ts that you might want to pay attention to – with the first one being the dos.

Do regular maintenance

To make sure that your septic tank is running right and efficiently, it is essential for you to undergo regular maintenance. This can be done by simply contacting a service professional or a plumber to inspect your septic tank and septic system. Commonly, septic systems require pumping every three to five years. These professionals are able to tell if your septic system needs pumping or not.

Do maintain your drain field

Septic drain fields, or commonly known as drain field, are subsurface wastewater disposal facilities used to remove impurities and other waste from the liquid from anaerobic digestion. Maintaining your drain field is important so that your septic tank and septic system is not damaged. There are a lot of ways to do this. One of the ways is to avoid planting trees or creating a garden nearby the drain field.

This ensures that there are no roots that will grow and bump to your septic tank. The roots will most likely damage your septic tank if left uncared of. Another way is to make sure that you do not park your car over the drain field. This ensures that your drain field is free of any weight coming from above it.

Do control the number of things you put down your sink disposal

Often times we cook things that contain grease or fat and clear it up in our sink. What we don’t know is that often times these things fall down to the sink disposal and ends up clogging the pathway to our septic systems. To make sure you don’t clog it, try throwing the grease and fat to the garbage instead.

Taking Care of Your Septic Tank – Don’ts

Don’t flush down items in your toilet

One of the most common but underestimated causes of a broken septic system is flushing down items in your toilet. Flushing down items down your toilet results in clogging in your septic tank which will further damage it. Try to avoid flushing items such as cooking grease, tissues, female hygiene products and diapers.

Don’t waste water

Simple but hard, conserving water is one of the easiest ways you can take care of your septic tank. This ensures that there is no constant flow of water that flows down to your septic tank which further expands its lifespan.

Don’t throw chemicals down your drain

Toxic liquids and other types of chemicals will damage your septic tank. To ensure this does not happen, do not throw it down your drain whether it be in the sink or in the toilet. Instead, throw it away in your garbage. This ensures that your septic tank is not damaged.

Other Things to Consider

The list above has extensively illustrated things you can do to take care of your septic tank. However, there are also other things you might want to consider when taking care of your septic tank. Firstly, you need to know when your septic tank is malfunctioning. As the septic tank is located underground, it is often hard to identify the failure of it.

Although the difficulty, there is an easy way to identify whether your septic tank is failing or not. If your septic tank is emitting a bad smell or stinky odors, it might be a sign that your septic tank is failing. Secondly is the location of the septic tank. If your septic tank is located near soft soils or high ground water tables it may be rained down.

This may flood your septic system and cause it to not function properly. Lastly, make sure to go and check your septic tank periodically. Spotting muddy waters around your septic tank is always a bad sign. This might mean that your septic tank is containing too much wastewater and is unable to process it properly.

To ensure that your septic tank is working properly, be sure to take care of it frequently. Also, do proper septic tank maintenance.


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