How To Have The Most Fun When Travelling

When it comes to travelling and all the sorts, there are some trips we rate as the best. Some which are quite mediocre or even below. These experiences aren’t necessarily bad (or maybe it is, who knows) however wouldn’t it be wonderful to just have travelling experiences where you can feel so much euphoria everytime?

Imagine just having so much fun everytime you travel. Well, that’s exactly the point isn’t it? To seek the best of experiences! That is why in today’s article, we are going to introduce to you tips to remember for your next booking. So sit back and relax at your homes and keep on reading as your next trip awaits!

Travel to the outskirts instead of capitals

If its your first time exploring the destination, there’s a good chance that most of your knowledge comes from the internet. Usually these include popular destinations, kind of like how you’re expected to visit the Taj Mahal if you’re in India, or to visit the Kuta Beach when you’re in Bali. Or maybe you got inspired by pictures on Instagram or Pinterest showing the wonders of Tokyo and the Streets of Harajuku.

Whichever it is, it is not necessarily a bad idea. In fact, we say, those are quite interesting places. However, to truly experience a place is to go above and beyond. Though you would still have fun, but to fully get the most fun, we recommend going outside the popular areas and explore the wonders of the outskirts.

If you’re planning on a 4,5 or even a week long trip, we advise at least 2 or 3 days of outskirt travelling. Get lost! Or sure you can do your research. We advise finding areas that have less tourists to have the true experience of a country. A small town that is quite calming may do, or even an unexplored nature somewhere out there.

Either way, take your time to look around through uncharted areas and you’ll be surprised. You may find a completely new aesthetically pleasing view, or open up a new perspective upon meeting. The only limit is the unknown.


In correlation to the previous point, locals! Talking to people who have lived there for years allows you to enter a new set of eyes. You may find yourself getting enticed by stories you would never imagine. Maybe you’ll somehow find another more authentic side to the area. Some locals may even introduce you to new cuisine.

Sometimes, new ways to eat or interact with the surroundings around you. In some cases it maybe like learning a new tradition as your get introduced to the way of lives of people around the area, new set of rules and all that.

Even if it isn’t as magical as that, simply having a chat with someone new may allow you to just bond with another human being from another place. That in itself is quite amazing. To some, it may even be getting very much out of your comfort zone. However, fun lies in place where you let yourself free. Who knows, maybe you could find a soulmate out there? Or a new bestie to share your interests with.

Either way, getting to know a new person at a new place is definitely something worth a try. But of course, always be polite, kind, and open, because that’s how you’ll get quite possibly the most amazing encounters and fun in travelling.

Take a Drive

Something that you might not think about would probably be taking a drive around the area. This part maybe a little complicated as you might need to do some stuff to be allowed to drive in another country (in case you are travelling internationally) so do check the procedure that your country has. In the case that you are able to drive at the place you are going to, we recommend to do so!

Driving around the places that you have as your destination allows you to truly get lost and explore areas without the constraint of anyone. Tour guides and being guided people are nice, however it may feel less authentic.

We may suggest you to rent vehicle such as rent Elf for you and anyone you are travelling with and just roam around to seek places that have never been touched. We ask you to take a little roadtrip if possible or maybe just get a car to get around the area. The freedom of driving around with your own vehicle allows you to not be in constraint of time and also just feel more personal with your travels. To which to us, this may equal to more fun and better experiences in your travels!

Be Open!

The very last tip we have for you is to be open! Mystery maybe a great teacher for your travels. As we keep on reperating , getting lost is a key to have fun. However something that is as important as that is the attitude. You must have face these new territories is the open-minded mindset.

It is important to be humble yourself as you seek a new place. And be open to the fact that you may see things that you usually do not see. You may experience things that may be a challenge to your morals. Things that may be a shock to some but normal to certain traditions. When these experiences approach you, it is important to already be prepared to not be judgemental. Simply take it with an open mind and heart.

Embrace the different things you will see and try to understand the culture you will experince. Try new things and live in the shoes of others. Fun and a good travel lies in the heart that desires to reach new heights in a new place fully, that’s when a true experience of a destination comes in.

That is all of our tips, we hope that after the whole Corona situation dies down. Then, you are able to go out and about around the globe again. These tips may give you new insight to a new perspective and most fun in your travel experiences. Happy travelling!


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