How Does Poker Online Affect Our Health?

Poker games have been one of the popular gambling online. Many people said poker is favorite in leisure time. Since 2010, poker online could get much attention from the world. Especially because all generations are playing, so it becomes a trend. You could find a poker player easily from all countries.

Online poker game site also develops its technology and doing innovative things every time. Besides, there are many gambling games inside the poker site. Such as roulette, kiukiu, casino, etc. Poker online provider lives streaming and tournament for all members per month. It makes a significant segment in the gaming market.

But, you have to watch out the negative impact of poker for you. Particularly your body, brain, and mental. Playing poker all the time becoming the worst idea. You will become lazier, your health body decline, and your mental health down. Please notice that poker addicts affect your health. Check this out!

Poker Online Affect Our Health in Many Areas


On the other hand, there are more ways for someone playing poker online games. For example Link Poker, Bet 88, Asian King Poker, etc. It also can be detrimental to your health. We have to explore what these are and how poker games influence people. 

1. Becoming Addiction

First, the health issues found in teenagers and adolescents played poker game is an addiction. Much clinical neurology tests have shown that an obsession arises because you spending much time playing these games. 

Unfortunately, many poker addictions equal that of drug abuse or alcohol. The effects of double addiction are manifested through the lack of focus. You may be doing daily activities and attention in classes with constant thinking about this gambling. 

So, poker is not worth to try. It will treat your mental condition is extremely challenging. Changing the exposure to poker games or live streaming from very frequent to low frequency could lead to aggressive behavior. 

In the end, you must be careful actions when controlled environments and yourself. You will be successfully treating this addiction if stay in a good environment. This is the essential aspect that must be a concern. 

2. Obesity

The obesity case has been linked to poker players on many occasions. According to many researchers, poker players blind to see the time when they are in front of computer screens. Even they playing more than 6 hours, their behavior tends to disregard proper dieting.

Someone who is addicted to poker online like eating junk food. Because it is more convenient and they don’t need to cook a meal. From here we know that poker addiction has replaced physical activities too. Such as sports, gym, jogging, bicycling also leads to an increasing body mass index. 

3. Vision Issues

Poker online addiction can be linked to severe eyesight problems. Excessive exposure from screens could lead their eye strain. Because the pupil and cornea are not intended for many hours.  

Even though health tests have shown that players have increased the spatial distribution of attention. There is still a significant threat from photosensitive epilepsy. Humans tend to get dangerous conditions like experiencing a seizure. Especially when their eyes are exposed to highly intense image repetitions. 

4. Body Development Issues

Body development issues could affect mental illness. So it needs to be tackled to increase the number of body deformities caused sitting in front of the screen and playing gambling all the time. 

The main problem present in teenagers when their bodies need improvement. Teenagers have to do exercise to develop a musculoskeletal system to grow. It does not happen in one night, the ideal way is to develop properly.

Avoid Poker Online Game Now, For Your Health

The health effects when playing poker intensively is devastating and make you die. Being a smart player you have to restrict the ideal time to playing poker every day. Neuroscientists mentioned, the addiction to playing online games leads to certain health problems.

The primer effected functional and structural inside the neural reward system. Neural rewards have the main function and a part of neural structures. It is linked to feelings and drives your thought to learn, pleasure, and arise motivation.

Journal from Addiction Biology says gaming could make a rare disorder. It increases the coordination in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and temporoparietal junction. More worst conditions that impact the patients are autism, schizophrenia, and Down’s syndrome.


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