High-Rate Slot Books within 1 Hour after Re-Opening Sites During Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus definitely beats everything, including the online gambling business in the world. All land-base casinos’s doors shut and manual gambling tools stop and switch off. People working in those casinos are unemployed now, while there are high-rate slot books everyday.

This is just a light impact of coronavirus pandemic, and this is just a little matter for the global economy in this world. And how about the online gambling sites. Are they still operating now? And how they can survive? It seems that the pandemic has created a new wave of online slot addiction.

The online slot games and other online gambling seem to be right and normally operate during the coronavirus pandemic. The online game lovers always find the way to fulfill their hobby and obsession through the games they commonly played.

They search for any solutions to keep getting more satisfaction and financial benefits just from their favorite online slot games. These modern players, of course, see the coronavirus pandemic as nothing that can’t affect their ‘world’. Even, they truly guess that the pandemic is not a serious problem for the online gambling world.

A New Wave of Online Slot Addiction during Coronavirus Pandemic

A new wave of online slot addiction has been identified just in less than an hour after re-opening the sites. According to BBC News, there are so many online gamblers (including the online slot lovers) are so excited when knowing that several online slot sites and other kinds of online gambling sites like pkv games are re-opened just in an hour.

Over four thousand people try to access them, but unfortunately, the sites are closed fifteen minutes later. They cannot do access and even do registration on those sites. BBC informs that there are sixteen thousand books are made. This number is so fantastic.

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Early Stage of How A New Wave of Online Slot Addiction Exists

Maybe this phenomenon normally happens during the pandemic. There are many factors affecting the raising numbers of online slot addicts. One of the factors is people can’t work during coronavirus pandemic. Many companies, startups, governmental institutions ‘die’, causing a huge numbers of unemployed people.

These people then do nothing at their home. One of most fun activities to fulfill their lazy-time days is trying to get a big luck from the online slot sites. This is probably the early stage of how a new wave of online slot addiction exists.

Most people really know that the online slots and other kinds of online gambling sites are so interested to visit. The sites offer so many fun games and the benefits. Most gamers say that they are entertained and potentially afford more benefits (including the financial benefits) just by playing the online games they like much.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the online slot games are also the options how the gamers fill their emptiness with something they love and beneficial. Some gamers also happily state that the online slot game is one of the best solution to earn much more money in instant and easy way.

They can do this simply by laying on bed or just sitting in the sofa while their fingers professionally touching their mobile phone’s screen.

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High-Rate Slot Books Are The Good News for The Game Developers

A new wave of online slot addiction is a good news for the online slot game developers. They are more creative to accommodate the online slot gamers. They play more on the features they provided before. Adding more attractive and premium features is for example.

The new-released features should have more point pluses. Easy-access, completed, and updated features are the basic upgrade the developers need to consider.

Beside the features, the game developers also need to improve the performance of game software and supported technology used to get high-rate slot books. This is important since the software is the basic tool that can give the significant impact to the whole performance of online games.

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Graphic Quality Upgrades

The quality of graphic is the next precious part that needs to notice. Nowdays’ online slot gamers would be much more interested in the games with the best graphic quality.

An onine slot game is categorized as game with the best graphic quality if it has stunning colors, real-time game features, and attractive visuals. In slot games, there are many detailed items related to this quality.

Symbols, for example, vary in different options, depending on what type the slot game you selected. Classic Fruit online slot games offer different visualization of symbols. Each slot site has its own fruit symbols and colors.

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Theme Upgrades

Online slot games with themes have different upgrade. Not only the colors, the details of images or figures are listed to update. Cleopatra (Ancient Egypt-themed online slot game) would be more eye-cathcing with the most updated head accessories (and other kinds of accessories), makeup, hairstyle, and costumes.

Maybe The Jurassic Park that would be more attractive with the newest landscape design (full of big trees, ‘wild’ rivers, ruined bridges, etc) that automatically will make the gamers nervous but so excited. Or create new creatures that are visually wilder, bigger, and more dangerous. With these new details, the gamers will be more challenging. As the effect, they will play the same game over and over again.

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Feature Upgrades

Features on the sites are important, too. These parts are the main ‘entrance’ for the gamers. The features contain several items and each has different function. LiveChat, for example, is the key that can connect the gamers to the operator.

No-robot operator or human operator sounds much better to bridge the gamers. The feature makes them possible to get information they need, for example: how to register, benefits they might afford, bonuses jackpots and promotions they can afford, and many more.

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A New Wave of Online Slot Addiction and Mental Health

A lot of online slot games including qq online offered by hundreds of sites, in fact, bring a significant effect to the gamers’ mental health. This is closely related to how the gamers manage their mental during playing the slot games. The lack of mental management here is the main cause of this mental problem.

Only a few gamers who can manage as well as maintain their mental during and after playing the slot game. Why it is important? Is there correlation of mental health and a new wave of online slot addiction?

Mental health occurs if the gamers cannot manage their mental. Take a look at this simple example. You are too addictive on slot game. You regularly play the game. Even, you can play the same game more than once a day. One day you must stop playing the online slot game you really love. What would happen? For you, it ‘hurts’ and potentially can make you mentally stressed.

A person with addictive problem could hardly accept the new fact. He/ she can’t escape from addiction although he/ she tries to do something that can make him/ her busy. Psychologically, he/ she cannot be cured. Just imagine what would happen if the mental health attack a new wave of online slot addiction? What would happen next?

Solutions to Solve Mental Problems

The only way to solve the mental health is from themselves. Always inputting positive vibes and thoughts to ‘heal’ this kind of serious illness. Actually, there are some solutions to decrease the effects of mental health owned by most online slot gamers.

First, just be honest to people you love that you are addictive on slot games. Second, do a correction to your life. Life can change if you want to change. Ensure yourself that you can be totally changed. Third, find the reason why you start gambling.

Fourth, say your problems, especially everything related to your hobby: playing slot games. Just share this to the persons you trust the most. Fifth, block the online slot online sites you access more often. Sixth, re-manage your finance.

Seventh, look for fun and healthy activities. You can do other hobbies like watching your favorite movies on Netflix, writing on your blogs, doing physical exercises, starting new online shops, and many more.

Lastly, find professional helps. Related to this last point, there is a standard procedure to handle the mental health, especially that happens to the slot gamers. It is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy concerns on the effort of the gamers to change their behavior and thought.

his is professionally done by the professionals. Each step of therapy needs a proper guidance from the professionals. Here, the gamers try to build self-esteem to re-raise their cognitive skills. These cognitive skills are used to push their gambling obsession back. Maybe it’s like ‘fasting’ from gambling they usually do.

Alternative Solution to Prevent Mental Problems

Yet, there is a good solution for you guys who want to prevent this mental problem and want to keep playing the online slot games you love. The solution is re-manage your mental. Each person has his/her own way to manage mental, especially the emotion.

It’s normal when you lose the game, you’re angry and disappointed, but it’s getting worse if you let this happens. Change your mind. Be positive. It’s okay if you lose once or twice. To not make it happens again, improve your skills and use the right tricks to win the games.

As slot gamers, you definitely know what tricks you should try. About skill improvement, you have many alternatives to choose. The best one is just by using free online slot sites for practice.

Free Slot Game Sites for Skill Improvement

There are hundreds of free slot sites you can visit and access. The games offered are varied, depending on what type of games you want to play. Two most popular slot games are available for free. You can do skill improvement from these games.

Free slot games wits themes and Classic Fruit slot games are two most favorite games based on audiences. But if you dislike those games, just pick up another game. Viva Vegas slot online, for instance, could be your best option.

A new wave of online slot addiction exists due to Viva Vegas slot online. A lot of attractive and completed features are the main interest that trigger many people want to try this game. It is a fact that this game offers so many updated features, services, and visualizations. Visit the site if you get curious about.

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Tips of How to Select The Trusted & Best Free Online Slot Game Sites

Talking more about free slot game sites, there are recommended tips of how to select the best sites, especially for you who just want to use them as the media to practice. First, keep selecting the trusted and the best site. Many characteristics you can see from such site. One of them is the site is listed as the high-ranked site.

Another characteristic is the site always offers a huge variations of slot games, strarting from the classical to the modern-type slot games. The sites are always ultimate in services and features option. Services here really connected to the quality of how the site (via operator) services all gamers, both the beginners and pros.

Operator is fast respons also includes the criterion. An informative operator also becomes the precious value on a free site.

To win the online slot games are hard to do. The skilled gamers have the confession about that. But it’s possible for the beginners to win the games with some conditions. Skills, strategies, and luck are the essentials, but the mental health is quite more important to notice when you want to start playing your favorite slot games.

Your mental is the treasure. Make sure that it’s always in good condition and health. A new wave of addiction, of course, can trigger a new wave of mental problems if people (in this case, people refer to the gamers) deny this serious issue.

It probably would trigger a new problem like bankruptcy. It gets worse when the mental problems affect people to take their own life or suicide like what happened in few days ago. 

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