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Gambling in Macau – Hub of Asia’s Grand Casinos

Macau, also known as the Las Vegas of Asia, is one of the most colored cities in Asia. The city of Macau is only 62 kilometers away from Hong Kong. Gambling in Macau is very accessible. Choices ranging from airplane flights, ferries, and even land are available for you to visit Macau. Macau is a very amazing place to visit. Filled with diverse cultures, skyscrapers, beautiful sceneries, and delicious cuisines, Macau is a must-visit for people traveling to Asia. There are many grand casinos as well as resorts to visit too.

A brief history of Macau


Macau has a long history of being colonized. Prior to being the metropolis that it is now, Macau was colonized by the Portuguese in 1557. Initially called “A Ma Gao” by the Chinese, its name was then adjusted and changed to Macau by the Portuguese.

For almost a century, Macau became a port which thrived as a trading site. Ships from around the world – including Italy, Portugal, and Spain always sailed here. They would mostly buy and sell Chinese silks and tea, spices, and Japanese crafts. Gambling in Macau had also become a traditional culture.

Aside from being an international trade site, Macau became a home for western religions. Almost half of the population there (Japanese and Chinese) converted to Christianity which was done by St. Francis Xavier. It also served as a place in which the religions operate and spread their gospels. In the 1500s and 1600s, churches started being built around Macau.

However, in the 1800s, Macau had to see a steep decline in prosperity. This was due to the fact that the Dutch and British claimed control of many trading routes to East Asia. After the British won over China in the 1814 Opium War, Hong Kong was established as a port. This left Macau to become a forgotten piece of land.

Macau however still remained useful to Chinese refugees – notably during the World Wars and the Cultural Revolution. In the 1960s, legalized gambling became prevalent. Macau would then become a place where gambling is popular. Fast forward to the present time, the city of Macau would become a luxurious place with casinos and resorts.

Tourist Attractions

The city of Macau is a lively city for you to enjoy. As Macau is not a really big city, it is possible for you to enjoy Macau in just one day. Filled with multiple points of interests, historical sites and leisurely entertainment, there are a lot of things that you can do in Macau.

Starting off, you can try to take a relaxing stroll in Macau’s most popular square. It is called the Senado Square. Senado Square is filled with many things for you to visit and see such as shops, restaurants and souvenir stalls. The main square is decorated in to fitting the current festival of the month or season. The main square is a perfect place for you photogenics out there as it is perfect for great shots. The food nearby is also very delicious, in which you can find restaurants serving local cuisines and even traditional food.

Local Cuisine

For people hunting for delicate food and local cuisine, then Macau is the perfect place for you. Specifically, for pastry lovers, the Macau egg tart is a must try. The Macau egg tart is based on the Portuguese pastel de nata. It was then adapted by an English pharmacist who became a baker named Andrew Stow.

These egg tarts are sold around 13,000 in quantity each day and can be easily found at Lord Stow’s Bakery. The bakery is located on Macau’s Coloane Island. With its flaky crust, delicate egg custard, and the crème Brulee tops, this piece of the gem is a must-try when visiting Macau.

If you are looking for entertainment in Macau, coming to The House of Dancing Water is a must. The House of Dancing Water is a water show that exhibits dancers, divers, actors and acrobats. With it, also comes spectacular stuns and amazing scenes. With a stage that converts from a floor to a giant performance pool, The House of Dancing Water is the largest water show in the world.

Sky High Attractions

Macau is also a paradise for people wanting to test their adrenaline. If you are looking to test your might, come visit the Macau Tower. For beginners, experiencing the Skywalk and seeing the city of Macau from above is a pleasure to the eyes.

To step it up a notch, trying the SkyJump – which sees yourself attached to a rope and jumping down like a madman is one way to test your nerves. For advanced people and wanting to seek discomfort, then bungee jumping in the Macau tower is your option. So besides gambling in Macau, you can also enjoy some fun attractions too.

Currently holding the Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world, jumpers will leap from a platform 233 meters above the ground and experience the ultimate free fall experience. This will make your dreams of free falling from the sky come true!


Macau is currently an autonomous territory that sits within China. Macau is originally a Portuguese colony until 1999. It holds a diverse culture which is firmly based on a Cantonese culture with a mix of influence from East Asia and Western Europe (superficially Portuguese). There are a lot of places and historical sites available to visit in Macau to relive its culture and history. Famous landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Pauls gives an insight to visitors on how Christianity first entered Macau. Other places include A-Ma temple and Portuguese remains as the Guia Fortress and Lighthouse.

Gambling City

The city of Macau is also well known for its luxurious casinos. The Cotai Strip, which is an area that is concentrated by different hotel-casinos is a famous place that gamblers like to visit to experience gambling and casinos in Macau. While Macau has various selections of casinos to choose from, the best and biggest casino in Macau would be The Venetian Macao.

The Venetian Macao is a hotel-casino that boasts its vast space and huge area. The casino itself measures at around 546,000 square feet (approximately 50,700-meter square). Its architecture and design are mainly influenced by casinos in Las Vegas. With lavish interior and grand floors, it is the biggest casino in Macau. This place is a must-visit gambling city for all of you.

The casino is divided into four themed gaming areas – Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix. The casino has different games for selection – over 6,000 slot machines and 800 gaming tables comprising of poker and blackjack to play. Exclusive members are granted access to the Paiza Club Dining & Lounge, where they can feast and dine in a lavish setting.

Although being a colonized and almost forgotten piece of land, the city of Macau still retains its spot as one of the best cultural sites and a heaven for gamblers around the world.


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