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Top 10 Gambling Cities in the World ― If you love traveling around the world, I am sure you know most of these places well. There are so many cities to travel to. But one travel destination in particular is for gambling or casino purposes.

This has been a motivation for people to go to other countries. Many gambling enthusiasts would go across the globe, whether it is a short distance or long distance. Here are the top ten gambling cities in the World to visit.

These enthusiasts would spend the money and time just to visit these mega-casinos. But visiting gambling cities in the world does not only mean you are there for the casino. There are also other landmarks that you might want to visit. People usually take the effort to also enjoy holiday resorts. These resorts come in all sorts of luxurious shapes. So make sure you save up some money to get the full experience in these cities.

Budget For Travelling to Gambling Cities in the World

This section of the article will exclude the budget for purposes Gambling Cities in the World. Because the expenses for gambling would vary from one person to another. Some of you may want to spend more money than the other. But make sure you secure a plan for travelling expenses before gambling expenses.

If not, then you might end up spending all of your budgets only on gambling cities in the World expenses. This has to be avoided because you might be in so much trouble if this happens. Some people might be so in debt that they could not even go back to their own country of origin.

Some of the biggest travel expenses for Gambling Cities in the World and also accommodation. This of course depends on what kind of quality you want. In average, flights would cost from $100 to $1000 depending on where you are from and your destination. The further you fly, the more expensive the flight expenses are more expensive too. Flights can also be cheaper when you book from faraway and find travel promos.

Accommodation can be a tricky thing when you are not careful with your choices. There are so many villas or resorts that can be costly but very elegant. You can share these resorts with a partner or a group. Hence you can reduce the costs of travel.

If you want a cheap alternative, you can consider places like a hotel or even a motel. These could cost you as little as $8 a night depending on the city. If you want resorts, they would range from $100 to $500. These resorts will elevate your experience while also enjoying poolside bars. The price may be costly, that is why we do not suggest you to go to on high seasons.

Top 10 Gambling Cities in the World:

1. Las Vegas, United States

Who haven’t heard of this magical place on Earth? The Las Vegas strip owns some of the most luxurious, popular and famous mega casinos. Las Vegas itself has always been labeled as a city for gambling and entertainment. If you want to come to Las Vegas, you need to save up some money. Because most things does not come cheaply in Las Vegas. Especially with food and entertainment prices sky rocketing since there are more tourists. If you are a high roller gambler, this is the number one destination to visit.

If you aren’t there for the casinos, there are also so many other things to do. Maybe you would like to visit the famous restaurants or buffets. You can also visit the Grand Canyon for some beautiful landscape. There is truly so many things to do in Las Vegas.

2. Macau

The next gambling cities in the world closest thing there is to gambling heaven in Macau. Macau has a lot of similarities to Las Vegas. Both of these places share some things in common. Such as how Macau also offers holiday resorts and luxurious mega-casinos. There are a couple of famous casinos such as the Venetian as well as Galaxy Macau. Macau is known as the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. You can reach this place by hopping onto an aeroplane. Macau offers a variety of cultural experience too.

If you are there solely for the gambling experience, well you are in for a treat. Because Macau is famous for hosting international poker tournaments. They also have weekly or monthly jackpots. Maybe you can be lucky enough to win the grand prize.

3. London, United Kingdom

Looking for a casino destination somewhere in Europe? Come and visit London. Maybe most of you have never heard of this. But London actually owns some of the best casinos in the whole world. There are some international famous casinos such as the Ritz or also the Clermont Club. There are so many games to choose from. You will surely get in on the action on one of these gambling cities in the World.

Besides playing inside casinos, there are some hot tourist spots in London too. From museums to sightseeing, you can do it all in London.

4. Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting is one gambling cities in the World places to visit. It is known for its beautiful landscape. But there is more to it in Genting Highlands besides the beautiful landscapes. Genting Highlands offers a bunch of surprises such as theme parks and a hotel. The Genting Highlands resort is an all in one bundle. It is located on top of a hill, and you need to ride a bus to reach this place.

Once you have reached the resort, the temperature will be colder than the usually tropical temperature. So you might need a few more extra clothing. The resort itself has a hotel that is directly connected to a mall. In addition to that, there is also a casino that is connected to the whole resort. The casino offers a lot of free beverages and food. So come give it a try and feel the adrenaline rush.

5. Singapore

Singapore is known for many things and one of them is a grandeur lifestyle. You can live like the riches for a couple of days in Singapore. There are so many spots to gamble and play casino. There are two main casinos that are the most famous casinos in Singapore. The first one is located in the famous Marina Bay Sands building. This place is named as the Marina Bay Sands casinos and it has an amazing view of the sea. Besides that, there is also a casino resort at Sentosa Island in Singapore. This place is quite unique and special.

To reach the place, you can either ride a cable car or a boat. After hitting a few slot machines, you can also do a culinary tour in Singapore. There are so many blends of cuisine to try.

6. Bahamas

Casino destinations are very identical with rich people. That is why rich countries host some of the best casinos in the world. One place to consider visiting is the island of Bahamas. Bahamas is an island with a tropical temperature and warm weather. This tropical situation has attracted to many tourists to enjoy some tropical relaxation.

One casino resort you must visit is called the Atlantic. The Atlantic is home to some of the most spectacular casino experiences in the world. You can also enjoy the water slides and have some fun.

7. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Another high budget casino destination is in Monaco. The city of Monte Carlo is home to some of the world’s richest people. This has also pushed the country to build an amazing entertainment facility such as casinos. This is the perfect place to splurge and give yourself a break. You can even rent supercars and enjoy food in high-quality restaurants.

The high season in Monte Carlo is when there is a Formula One Grand Prix. So come visit during the Formula One to gain the extra experience.

8. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Another city in America that hosts an internationally famous casino sits in Atlantic City. If you are looking for a low budget version of Las Vegas, then you can consider Atlantic City. But don’t get it wrong, New Jersey has some of the best casinos in the world. One place to be exact is named the Borgata Hotel. This hotel is mostly known for its blackjack games as well as slot machines.

9. Baden-Baden, Germany

Most of the well known in casinos may have just existed for a couple of years. Well the casinos in Baden-Baden Germany has existed for around 200 years. This city in Germany had been a casino spot since the old days. Many rich people around Europe travel to this specific city to have some fun. The casinos in Baden-Baden will surely blow your mind with its designs.

10. Sun City, South Africa

Last but not least on today’s list is Sun City. The Sun City casino in South Africa is known to be a popular spot for blackjack and other classic card games. If you are looking for a low budget gambling cities in the World experience, Sun City can be the right spot. This place offers a high quality hidden gem experience that is quite affordable.

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