Top 10 Countries With Slowest Internet Connections

This article is about the top ten countries having slowest internet connections in the world, it is the most advanced technology and biggest source of communication and entertainment. Internet is the only platform where we can get our all needs from listening news to online shopping etc but when the speed gets slow and it […]

Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet Connections in the World

This article is about the top ten countries having fastest internet connections in the world, it is most advanced technology and it has made our life so easy that we can communicate in any corner of the world. It has thousands of amazing and excellent features but it has also some negative aspects, if we […]

Top 10 Cities of America With Highest Population

In this article we will tell you about the top ten most populous cities of America, as we know that population of world is increasing day by day and because of it many problems are rising like poverty, joblessness and lack of land to build new colonies. People migrate from urban and small city areas […]

Top 10 Countries With Most Refugees in the World

If you want to know about top ten countries with most refugees then you are at right place because after a hectic work we have made this list for u, so have a look on our article and the below list. A United Nations convention which deals with the status and problems of refugees “Geneva […]

Top 10 Best Tour and Travel Online Booking Sites

whenever we plan a tour the first thing which came in our mind that how to travel and where to live there but some travel and tour companies have made our lives so easy that now we don’t have to worry about these problems. As we know that this is the era of internet and […]

Top 10 Fast Food Consuming Countries in the World

Everyone likes fast food because it is very tasty and easy to prepare, modern world has changed our lives people don’t have time to laugh, enjoy and even for cooking that’s why people prefer to eat in restaurants then cooking at home. In the past few years fast food industry has become very popular and […]

Top Ten Countries With Most Nobel Prize Winners

Nobel Prize is an annual award established in 1895, it is named after a Swedish scientist, chemist and inventor Alfred Nobel. This award is given annually by Swedish and Norwegian committee to the best performers in academic, cultural and scientific fields; the first ever Nobel prizes were awarded in 1901. This is one of the […]

Top Ten YouTube Viewership Countries

YouTube was launched in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim in California United States it is video sharing website through which people can upload, share and watch videos on internet. YouTube is on number 3 on Alexa rank and it is available in around 76 languages you can view there  video clips, […]

Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users

Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughesb in Massachusetts United States its headquarters is in Menlo Park California. Current CEO of Facebook is  Mark Zuckerberg, its COO is  Sheryl Sandberg she is also in the list of top ten powerful women of the world, […]