Top Ten Most Poisonous Plants in the World | Top Ten Deadliest plants

Plants are basically known as friendly nature species because of their beautiful and attractive look, but in this article we will tell you about top ten deadliest plants in the world which can even harm human beings. In this universe every living being is fear of predators that’s why God has given some defensive weapons […]

Top Ten Countries With Least Amount of Annual Rainfall

In every culture rainfall is considered as the blessing of God, it also brings joy and happiness to people and it is very beneficial for all humans, animals and non living things. Specially people living in desert areas love rainfall and its biggest example is Botswana, it is a country located in southern Africa and […]

Top Ten Countries With Highest Annual Rainfall

Rain is one of the blessings of God not only on mankind but on all living and non living creatures; it is one of most precious gifts of God. It is very beneficial in agriculture it has dramatic effect on plants because they need water to survive and raining is the most effective and very […]

Top 10 Countries With Largest Islands in the World

In this article we will tell you about top ten countries having largest islands in the world, basically island is a piece of land covered with beautiful trees, small mountains and sand surrounded by water. Island is a very romantic and healthy place, people love to go there especially newly married couple choose beautiful islands […]

Which Country Has The First Sunrise in the World

I often heard a question from people that which country has the first sunrise? Although it is very confusing question and not easy to find the answer of it but after a great research and after gathering information from different sources it is proved that New Zealand is the country which has first sunrise. Now […]

Top Ten Largest Deserts in the World 2015

There are many deserts in the world some are extremely large and some are little bit small from them, a report said that deserts are covering about one third area of whole Earth. Actually deserts are those parts of earth which receives little precipitation like an average of 250mm rainfall every year due to which […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rare Flowers in the World

Flowers are real blessing of God and it is the most beautiful gift that we got from nature specially in spring season colorful and different style flowers make this earth like heaven. World looks most beautiful in spring season when every tree gets new leaves and different colors of flowers bloom everywhere birds wandering from […]

Top 10 Most Amazing and Greatest Caves in the World

In the following article we will talk about caves some naturally existing amazing and greatest caves in the world. When we look in the past we found that man has lived in caves for many years until he found more specific place to live these caves were really huge and some of them were manmade. […]