Top Ten Weapon Manufacturing Companies in the World

Like other products companies there is also some weapons manufacturing companies which are producing and supplying different kinds of weapons from many years like guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more. Weapons are very important in this era because if we say that this is era of wars and conflicts […]

Top Ten Arms Exporting Countries in the World

In this era modern weapons are very important because every country is somehow facing some kind of terrorist threats, infact some countries have been fighting with different terrorist groups from many years. We can see around us that there is a chain of ongoing civil wars in different countries that’s why arms industry is getting […]

Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World 2015

In this article we will tell you that which country is most powerful in the world although it is very tough job to rank a country from all countries but there is a department of “National Power Index” which makes this job easy. According to National Power Index USA is the most powerful country the reason […]

Top Ten Biggest Police Forces in the World

Police force is very important department of every country the duty and responsibility of this department is to implement and maintain law inside the country. The world “Police” is derived from a Greek word “Polis” which means “city” in ancient times Greece used slaves as police force for several duties like protection, crowd control, making […]

Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2015

A report said that the founder of Intelligence department and special force is an Islamic warrior and leader Sultan Salah ud din Ayubi he created these departments in 1153 to gather intelligence and fight wars against crusaders. It is a famous saying that a best spy can make win or lose a war on behalf […]

Top Ten Countries With No Military Force

It is very shocking to hear that a country has no standing military because due to current terrorism situation armed forces are very important to defend a nation but actually there are few countries which have no military to defend it. It is a question that if these countries have no military then who guards […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in the World

It is a saying that “a soldier can’t be soldier without a gun” guns are major part of weapon in armed and other paramilitary forces specially infantry troops depends on have some powerful and dangerous guns like all other technologies firearm technology has improved in the last century. Many decades ago around 1000AD, the first […]

Top Ten Most Expensive Fighter Jets in the World 2015

Human being wanted to fly like birds humans have always been fascinated with flight so, in the 20th century the Wright brothers made first plane but it is complicated and undeveloped for long flight. During the passage of time the plane progressed and changes have made in it but need of fighter Jets was felt […]

Top Ten Nuclear Power Countries in the World 2015

Nuclear weapon is the most deadly weapon in the history of technology it can damage a whole state in seconds every country in the world is trying to become nuclear power to save them from the danger of war. Nuclear weapon is enough to sweep out mankind from earth because its reactions continue after the […]