Top Ten Most Dangerous Prisons in the World 2017

This article would address the top ten dangerous and furious prisons in today’s modern world, which can melt your heart even for the serial killers, psychopaths and pedophiles: because what happens in these prisons would make you forget the harsh conditions and tortures you watched in ‘Prison Break’ or in ‘The Shaw Shank Redemption’. Inmates […]

Top Ten Luxury Prisons in the World | Most Luxurious Prisons

Prison is such a part of the society which is considered a symbol of deterrence for the public to decrease the risk of criminal behavior, but luxury when talking about prisons make no logical understanding as it plays an important part in man’s life. There are around thousands of prisons in the world in which […]

Top Ten Criminals in the World 2017| Top Most Wanted Criminals

In this article, the overview of the top ten most wanted criminals according to year 2017 would be provided; these criminals are notorious for their criminal acts against the state and their citizens. These criminals are very brutal mafia Dons and drugs lords of militant groups. These criminals baffled the governments of many countries. Yet, […]

Top Ten Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate

Everyone wants to explore the world and wants to visit every place of world but there are some countries which are extremely dangerous and not suitable for tourism. These countries have highest rate of crimes and kidnapping is one the most fast growing crimes in these countries that’s why we have made this article for […]

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime in the World

Rape is one of the fastest growing social crimes in the world it is defined as sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration initiated by a person against another person without that person’s permission. Rape is very cruel act which destroy the physical and mental health of victim and the victim can be severely […]

Top Ten Countries With Highest Abortion Rate in the World

Abortion is a process which ends the life of an innocent baby before its birth in the womb of mother, according to a report it is one of the fastest growing social crimes in the world. In some countries abortion is legal and in other countries it is illegal and considered as crime because an […]