PS4 Game Bloodborne Review

Bloodborne Review – Do you know about the bloodborne game? The bloodborne game is one of the best PS4 exclusive games. This game has many fans and is always popular with people around the world. So, do You need to play this game? You can be the best person when you play this game. 

You can play the bloodborne game by platform PlayStation 4. The PS4 console game are the best of survival horror games this year. This is suitable for people who love horror genres. So, You can try it when You love the horror genre. 

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Bloodborne Review – Game Details

Before You get more information about bloodborne review PS4 console game You most know about the game details at this time. This is a game detail for bloodborne, as follow: 

PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
GenreAction role-playing
PlatformPlayStation 4
Release date4-Mar-15
Official site

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The Reason to Play Bloodborne

From knowing the game details of the PS4 console game from Bloodborne Review, You must know why You choose this game to play this game. This is all reason to playing bloodborne game, as follow as: 


The stories of “Dark Souls” and “Demon’s Souls series” do not really show deep storyline content, instead they only show bloodied and sadistic action.

Come back with the same creator, bloodborne come back again with the complex storyline and all players have a choice to collect all genesis in game and You can get more secreted in this game. So, do not be late to playing this PS4 console game. 

Multiplayer mode 

From PvP, all players can play with their friends or families. This game presents about all challenges for every player and when You play this, You can get suspense feel and how fun when You are playing an RPG game. 

Not only that, You can share the dungeon location to all online players. This features an innovative RPG game for this time. 


In this gameplay, all players can get more experience in RPG games. Here, all players must move quickly and finish off the enemies that attack. 

You can increase your action speed and change your weapon easily. You can see this game makes You enjoy and have fun with it. 

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Before it, You can get information about Dungeon on this Bloodborne review. Dungeon is the underground location of Yharnam city. In this place, You will explore all underground locations. 

In this location, there’s a lot of traps and ferocious monsters that could attack you all of a sudden. So, You must be careful in the Dungeon location. Now, You can imagine how they feel exploring underground with many traps and ferocious monsters. 

The interesting game 

When You see the preview gameplay of bloodborne which is 18 minutes long, You can guess this game has a strong gameplay and has a new storyline. 

From preview gameplay You can be curious about this game and always need to play it at this time. So, do You need to play and enjoy this game now? You can get PS4 console game from the official site. 

You can play this original game in your spare time. You can play this game with your friends or family interchangeably. Have fun with this game starting from now. 

Easy to upgrade the weapons 

The one reason You must play this game is because it is easy to upgrade the weapons. All players have more weapons to kill all monsters in this game. Not only that, these weapons have a function of keeping yourself safe. 

In this bloodborne, You can use two type versatile mode to use two weapons. This feature will improve the player’s experience in using weapons. 

So, this game is so amazing for this time and gives all players more experience in weapons. Do You need to play with all players? You can buy the bloodborne game on the official website. 

Difficult level 

In the game preview, it is shown that the game-making team provides a high level of game difficulty. So, the players must be focused and see the different point of view  when playing this game. 

When you finish at the highest level, this will be a tribute to yourself. You can imagine that. How happy of You and You can be proud of yourself can play it clearly. So, you can prepare all strategies to finish all high levels. 

You can see all opportunities to win this play with your hand now. Do not be late to feel how fun this game is. 

Unique architecture 

The architecture of Yharnam city looks more realistic and beautiful in this game. So, you won’t be disappointed with the visuals made. All players can see clearly every visual detail in the game. 

Hidetayaka influence 

The success of “Demon’s Souls” and “Dark Souls” was certainly due to the intervention of the creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki. This time, Hidetaka’s vision to develop Bloodborne to become one of the survival horror games loaded with brutal action and dark nuances is getting stronger.

Surely this will meet the expectations of gamers that this game has unique characteristics such as the “Demon’s Souls” and “Darks Souls series” that he has developed.

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Pros & Cons

+ Recommended for players who love investigating the secrets
+ Easy to upgrade weapons
+ Imaginative and detailed enemy designs
+ The architecture of Yharnam city looks beautiful in this game

– Long loading
– Big enemies sometimes disturb the view
– Some bosses are boring to fight



Bloodborne never forgets to be one of the survival horror games. So, in this game there are some terrible monster images and horror conditions that are very gripping when you play it. You can imagine how horrifying this game. 

You should know that the darker the situation the more gripping the situation in it. You have to be careful in locations like this. 



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