Baden-Baden Germany

A Guide to Baden-Baden Germany

When talking about places in Europe, a lot of names flashes right between our eyes. We think of the modern metropolis that is London or the ancient city of Rome. These places are majestic and unique in their own ways. When talking specifically about the place in Germany, people often think about Berlin or Munich. But little do they know, near the border of Germany and France, lies a little town filled with modernity. That town is known as Baden-Baden Germany.

A brief history of Baden-Baden

While only having a population of approximately 55,000 people, Baden-Baden is actually quite popular among spa-goers and local tourists alike. Due to its mild climate and hot springs, Baden-Baden is one of the best-known spa towns in the world. It is also one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. Baden-Baden is known to have mineral-rich spas that have been famous since the Roman times. The romans then called the town “Aquae” (the waters) due to its springs that are told to be able to heal various types of diseases.

After the Romans left, the town continues to be known as a “healing center”. It was highly appreciated in the Middle Ages due to helping people during the Black Death. The name Baden-Baden itself comes from the word Bad (which means bath). Another Baden is added to differentiate it from other Badens in Germany.


Although widely famous for being a spa-town, Baden-Baden still retains its spot as one of the best places for tourists. Baden-Baden holds a lot of attractions that can please tourists coming from other parts of the world.

To start off, nature lovers can try to visit the lovely Lichtentaler Allee. Lichtentaler Allee is a park and a botanical garden located in the center of Baden-Baden. It is filled with beautiful flowers and garden planes with calming waters running through it. The Lichtentaler Allee is almost two and a half kilometers long, which makes it the perfect place to take a relaxing walk or an evening stroll. There are also 300 different types of trees here, ranging from chestnuts, limes, oaks, magnolias, maples and more. The spotlight in Lichtentaler Alle would be the Gönneranlage, which is an art garden filled with more than 400 types of roses.

For those who loves hiking mountains, Baden-Baden Germany provides to you the Merkur mountain. The Merkur mountain is a 2,191-foot mountain that is purely a piece of art that pleases the eyes. Once reaching the summit, hikers can enjoy a majestic view of the landscape. For an even better view, you can visit the Merkur Tower. This place enables you to see the upper Rhine, the mountains of the Black Forest. The city of Karlsruhe and even a tiny bit of Strasbourg, France. Feeling hungry?


Do not worry! At the peak of the mountain is a restaurant that serves the local cuisine of Baden-Baden. Bringing kids along with you? There is also a children’s playground! Those things just add up to how complete and beautiful Merkur mountain is. Because of these things, Merkur mountain is a popular spot not only for locals but also for foreign tourists alike.

Time traveling is also possible whilst visiting Baden-Baden Germany! Old Town is a small complex full of buildings that possess Baroque-influenced architecture. Moreover, this part of the town is full with various jewelry and antique shops. That also provides souvenirs and other antique things. You can also discover the beauty and art of Baden-Baden in the museums. The buildings that carry with it the classic architecture makes it feel like you are living in the late 1800s – a perfect way to relive old-school Baden-Baden.


Like many other European places, Baden-Baden still holds its culture firmly. Its Belle Epoch styled elegance and Baroque themed buildings still makes tourists and locals feel like living in the late 1800s. Baden-Baden is also highly valuable of its arts. Below are some places you can visit to get the best of Baden-Baden’s culture.

For people who love operas, the Baden-Baden Theater is a perfect start. A fascinating building, the Baden-Baden Theater is an opera theater. This place comprises of modern and contrasting performances. A place which relives the old times when Baden-Baden was the “Summer Capital of Europe”. The opera and plays here stay true to its original text. The modern works are also available in German and English. With its beautiful interior decoration, Baden-Baden Theater is a perfect way to watch classic operas.

For people who gaze at the beauty of art and paintings, there art museums available at Baden-Baden. Among them is the Gehrke-Remund art museum. A private monographic art museum that is a dedicated work of Frida Kahlo and Mexican art and culture. Another popular museum to visit would be the Faberge Museum.

To enjoy classical music and orchestras, people can visit the Baden-Baden Festival Hall. This place houses different types of classical music and orchestras for the music perfectionists out there.

Last on the must visit list is the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. An architectural masterpiece, the Kurhaus Baden-Baden provides cultural lifestyle for tourists to see and enjoy.

A Paradise for Gamblers

While gamblers would prefer to go to extravagant casinos such as the casinos in Las Vegas, Baden-Baden also has casinos for gamblers to enjoy. While the buildings are not as modern as the ones in Las Vegas, the casinos in Baden-Baden still retains its majestic and classy architecture. The casinos in Baden-Baden is filled with different games – such as the classic roulette and slot machine. Blackjack and poker are also easy to find and play here in the casinos.

The most famous casino to go to this gambling city could be the Casino Baden-Baden. Located within the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, the Casino Baden-Baden is an elegant casino that is one of the oldest casinos in Germany. The gambling options here are both diverse and exotic, with games ranging from roulette, blackjack, and poker. The large gambling hall is a shimmering belle epoque environment and beautiful interiors. The building itself is a charm, but the games are even more exciting.

Do note that Casino Baden-Baden only houses a limited number of guests, so potential visitors must do early reservations to avoid running out of slots or long waiting times. However, the admission is free – and make sure that you are old enough to enter and gamble.

Baden-Baden, although not as big as London and surely not as popular as Berlin, is still a golden treasure for tourists to dig.


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