Top Ten Dangerous Countries in the World 2015

A country is said to be peaceful in the world if it is not facing any kind of threat, violence is approximately zero, people are living in peace, nothing dangerous for tourists, Law and enforcement forces are active and loyal to their country because we always want to like calm and relaxing lives. Unfortunately we […]

Top Ten Poorest Countries in the World

There are many countries in the world which are facing poverty and below the level livings; a country can be said as poor in the world if it has low per capita income and low development ratio. Here we made a list of top ten poorest countries in the world reason behind their poverty is […]

Top Ten Richest Countries in the World

Here we have a list of top ten richest countries in the world according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank etc. The ranking is based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita of a country these calculations are made by different organizations as told before. A study shows that people of richest […]

Top Ten Safest Countries in the World

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is issuing Global Peace Index (GPI) each year since 2007 which is responsible to measure the peace rate of every nation in the world. Every person wants to live in safest country or to go on picnic to safest place where he can enjoy. The government of every […]

Top Ten Beautiful Places in the World

We all want to see the world and want to reveal its natural beauty. People spent money and time to discover different parts of world different languages and different cultures. Some people plane a trip every year in different countries and enjoy their lives because life is either a great adventure or nothing. If someone […]

top 10 most beautiful cities in the world

If you are often curious about the world want to see the world see new places experience what it feel like to be on other land. If you want to discover different languages of different cities and discover different cultures of different countries and cities. If you want to see the real nature of world […]

top 10 beautiful countries in the world 2015

There are many countries in world which are like heavens on earth.There are people who want to reveal the world and its nature actually more you travel more you realize that there are many places in world to visit.Those people have curiosity to see the world.Travelers have spent their time and money in seek of […]