Atlantic City: High Skies and City Lights

When we talk about visiting the United States of America, cities, and places that cross our mind are the famous ones. Such as the Manhattan Times Square, the Liberty Statue or simply going on a hike on the mountains of Alaska. Besides that, Atlantic City is also a gambling hotspot for gamblers.

However, somewhere in New Jersey, a beautiful and extravagant resort awaits those who visit it. Decorated with high rise buildings and a touch of modern technology, Atlantic City is the name of said resort.

Construction and Development

The first construction plans of Atlantic City are dated way back to the 1850s, where Dr. Jonathan Pitney, a local physician, noticed the potential of the local island to become a possible tourist attraction and a resort. Recognizing that to achieve this they need to develop transportation routes, by 1852 they began constructing railroad charters. Two years later, the construction of the Camden-Atlantic rail was completed. Soon after, Philadelphia engineer Richard B. Osborne started designing the layout of the resort and suggested that it be given the name Atlantic City.

From the 1880s to the 1940s, Atlantic City became a major resort and a favorite destination among tourists both foreign and local alike. It had various entertainments and attractions ranging from theatrical performances, live authentic jazz music, and urban nightlife. These attractions made tourists love the place even more.

However, Atlantic City nearly met its demise – specifically in the 1960s following the USA’s economic downfall. Magically, it survived. Noting an increase in gambling, in 1976, a referendum legalizing gambling in Atlantic City was passed and was soon known to become “Atlantic City Gamble”. The first casino, Resorts International, was then opened in 1978.

The legalization of gambling cities in Atlantic City brought massive impact towards the resort’s income and soon after dozens of other casinos opened up. Soon after, the now well-known hotel and casino “The Borgata” opened in 2003 which attracts even more tourists. Up to this day, Atlantic City still retains its spot as one of the best resorts in the world.


While Atlantic City is mostly made up of a wide array of casinos, there are still various exciting things you can do in Atlantic City aside of just going to the casino. Tourist attractions in Atlantic City range from museums to amusement parks that will surely not bore you.

To start off, tourists can visit New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse and the 3rd tallest lighthouse in the USA called the Absecon Lighthouse.

Here, tourists can enjoy walking around the 2-acre area around the lighthouse. Other than that, they can visit the Keeper’s Cottage Museum which shows the early days of the construction of the Absecon Lighthouse. Moreover, tourists can also climb up the 228 steps to get to the top of the lighthouse – giving them a beautiful view of the city. Souvenirs are also available to purchase nearby the gift shop.

For a more complete and fun family entertainment, tourists can also stop by the Central Pier Arcade & Speedway. Here, tourists can enjoy racing along the racetracks while driving NASCAR-style go karts. Other than go kart racing, paintball games are also available for those who are fond of pulling the trigger. Other than that, various types of arcades are also available for play.

Tourist Spots

What’s more, it is also complemented with a redemption center – where tourists can come and redeem prizes after playing the arcades. The redemption center provides various types of prizes for tourists to choose from. The prizes range from animal plushies, purses, iPods, iPhones and even a widescreen TV! If you are feeling lucky, try the arcades and see what prizes you can bring home.

If you choose to wind things down a bit and go for a relaxing walk, then strolling along The Broadwalk is the option to choose from. The Broadwalk is a four-mile-long stretch of wood that can be explored both by foot or by electric trams. Broadwalk provides you a sight of the city line to just gaze at how beautiful this city is.

The Broadwalk is a wonderful place to walk around and see Atlantic City. Its sea while you enjoy the sea breeze blowing at you. Other than that, you can also come to the famous Entrance of The Stars – Atlantic’s City version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Handprints from that of Johnny Carson, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra are all located here.


Mostly being an urban area, which boasts its modernity, Atlantic City still has strong ties to its heritage and culture. Its history and arts are always visible to the eyes. Atlantic City is home to various art galleries, murals, cultural festivals and museums that showcases its history and deep culture. The Atlantic City monument honoring the Civil Rights Movement for example, shows how much Atlantic City cares about achieving betterment in society and their contribution towards change. Other monuments such as the World War 1 Memorial shows how much respect Atlantic City has for its heroes.

Other than monuments, tourists can learn about Atlantic City’s history through museums. The African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey for example, is the only African American Museum that is available in New Jersey. This museum showcases more than 11,000 treasures and explains the struggles of African Americans. Different collections of Atlantic County Soldier’s memorabilia from World War 1 to present is also available here in the museum.

Arts has a high value here in Atlantic City. Places such as the Atlantic City Arts Foundation are focused on increasing public art access. Also to develop art education throughout the community. Moreover, movie festivals such as the Atlantic City Cinefest provides independent filmmakers. Space where they can exhibit their works.

Gambling Hotspot city is a must for gamblers and casino goers. There are numerous casinos that tourists can visit in Atlantic City. The Borgata Casino is arguably the most famous. With its marble-lined lobby complemented with its Chihuly glass sculptures, the Borgata Casino shows how lavish casinos can be. It is truly one of a kind with top of the art interior and classy architecture.

The Borgata Casino offers gamblers various types of games, such as poker and blackjack. There are many modern slot machines with features a rapid-pay ticket system. So that gamblers don’t need to carry around coins with them. Daily poker tournaments are also available for gamblers here if they fancy testing their luck.

Other than that, gamblers can indulge themselves in fine dining options such as the Old Homestead Steak House or the Wolfgang Puck American Grill. Every bite is a delicacy. Gambling here in Borgata Casino is an experience that gamblers must not miss.

Atlantic City is the perfect destination for tourists loving city life and urban landscape. For gamblers, it is a paradise that must be visited.


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