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The Keys To Opening a 5 Star Hotel

Hotels can be a tough hustle in a world of business. If you want to increase the quality of your hotel, it will take a few steps further. This is necessary in order to be successful and to be known by many people. Hotel rankings usually come in all sorts of ways. Most of the time, these hotels would be ranked by stars. The higher the star, the better the quality. And usually, the prices of these hotels would also increase depending on the star. The highest star there is is a 5 star hotel.

Any hotel can label themselves with any star that they want. But the truest form of ratings will come from the reviews of customers. Many hotels strive to gain the highest reviews as well as improving their service over time. There are many factors that will lead to a business gaining 5 stars. You might not be able to directly receive high rankings and that is okay.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to opening a 5 star hotel. So make sure you read through all the keys to opening a 5 star hotel.

Plan and Strategize Grand Opening

The first part to opening a 5 star hotel is to have a great grand opening. A grand opening will be like an introduction to the world. This specific day will mark the day where your hotel is officially established. A grand opening has to be well planned as well as strategized in the right way. Opening a hotel for the first time is a great deal to a city. Make sure that you get the proper amount of publication so that people will know your hotel.

The first thing to planning a grand opening is to set a date. Setting a date is key to letting the world know about your hotel’s arrival. We recommend you to set a date in which it is near a holiday. Do not do it directly on a holiday season, because people would then have no time to book in to your hotel. Doing a grand opening a few days or weeks before the grand opening will keep people coming in. So make sure that you open a hotel near the weekends for maximum exposure.

The next step to planning and strategize is to simply put things in place. Such as how the designs would be as well as what you would be doing. There will be a few things that you might want to do in your grand opening. Such as giving a speech, putting up decorations, and also to look for partnerships. Partnerships will increase your chances of gaining popularity which will be discussed further on the next part. Find the right location and activities to do. You could even hire an event organizer to make everything more simple.

Find Partnerships to Boost Popularity.

Partnerships or sponsorship can be very effective in opening a 5 star hotel. Most high rated hotels would have many visitors from all around the globe. Besides that, it would also attract famous people to go sleep at that hotel. With that in mind, you need to find the proper partnerships so that your hotel becomes popular. No artist would want to sleep in your hotel if they have never heard of it. You can start by finding the local media or the local news around town.

Publication is mainly sought out online or through local news. A famous 5 star hotel could be found everywhere. Many people even do online reviews through blogs, websites, and Youtube. So make sure you give out free rooms for artists to try. These famous people will be very effective to make your business go viral. After going viral, people would be more interested to eventually try your hotel. This could bring more people and customers for you to handle.

Take in Reviews and Improve

To be the best of the best, you need to learn from your customers. The only people that knows your customer are themselves. They will tell you what they are looking for in a hotel. This way, you could eventually learn and improve in things you didn’t know needed improvement. Do not be scared to receive a low rating at first. These kinds of low ratings would make you realize the weak spots in your hotel. They will eventually help you learn and improve to reach the 5 star hotel mark. Keep on trying as well as complying to reviews. Apply those reviews to make your service better.

Seek Tourism Consultant For Acknowledgement

Sometimes, a business could not just thrive on its own. It also needs some other opinion or second view on how to reach success. Many experts could give you suggestions as well as proper guidance. One of those experts are in the tourism consultant business. These people are ready to help you become a 5 star hotel in the world.

Many top hotels would eventually have to invest in consultants to understand more about their business. If you are trying to become better, make sure that you invest a little bit of your money. It would not hurt to invest a little money into your business.

Learn From The Best

To be the best, you must understand how the competition works. This can be done by observing some of the best 5 star hotels around the world. Each and every one of them shares a common thing which is luxury. A 5 star hotel should be able to offer luxury as well as comfort. This is the one thing that people are looking for when they travel around the world.

Make sure that your hotel can make someone feel majestic. Things like interior designs as well as furniture could reflect this theme. All of the things such as customer service, design, as well as publication is needed for a 5 star hotel. These kinds of hotels do not just become famous in one day. So be patient and build your business accordingly.


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