Top Ten Countries With Highest Tax Rates in the World

Tax is an amount of money imposed on people who must have to pay to the state or administrative divisions; the purpose is to fund state for various functions like expenditures on war, public works and infrastructures of country etc. It is strict law to pay all taxes on time, failure to pay or resistance […]

Top Ten Weapon Manufacturing Companies in the World

Like other products companies there is also some weapons manufacturing companies which are producing and supplying different kinds of weapons from many years like guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more. Weapons are very important in this era because if we say that this is era of wars and conflicts […]

Top Ten Arms Exporting Countries in the World

In this era modern weapons are very important because every country is somehow facing some kind of terrorist threats, infact some countries have been fighting with different terrorist groups from many years. We can see around us that there is a chain of ongoing civil wars in different countries that’s why arms industry is getting […]

Top Ten Countries With Least Amount of Annual Rainfall

In every culture rainfall is considered as the blessing of God, it also brings joy and happiness to people and it is very beneficial for all humans, animals and non living things. Specially people living in desert areas love rainfall and its biggest example is Botswana, it is a country located in southern Africa and […]

Top Ten Countries With Highest Annual Rainfall

Rain is one of the blessings of God not only on mankind but on all living and non living creatures; it is one of most precious gifts of God. It is very beneficial in agriculture it has dramatic effect on plants because they need water to survive and raining is the most effective and very […]

Top Ten Countries With Least Vacation Time

It is a fact that human body cannot do continuous work for long time human being have to relax body and mind after a hectic work, without a proper refreshment worker cannot do further progress in his work. A research says that continuous work without any vacation or refreshment can create many problems like anxiety […]

Top Ten Countries With Least Natural Resources in the World

In this article i have tried my level best to give you the information about those countries which have less amount of natural resources. There is no doubt and no double opinion that natural resources play very important role in not only growth of economy but also increase self dependence of a country. If we […]

Top Ten Countries With Most Natural Resources in the World

This article is about the top ten those countries which are rich in natural resources, these are God gifted reserves and considered as backbone to build an economy of a country. These resources are naturally present in any land some are present in large quantity and some are present in small quantity, no one can […]